Mars Is the Worst Vacation

Hamilton Nolan · 04/13/15 09:31AM

You like to travel? Here's an idea. Why not travel—to Mars? Bad idea!

Solemn Film Asks Gravest Mars-Mission Question: What About Fucking?

Dayna Evans · 02/10/15 03:50PM

The civilian mission to Mars, which will likely never happen in a million bajillion years, has received its fair share of mixed press. Most recently, The Guardian interviewed three potential candidates for the mission in a self-serious documentary gut-wrenchingly titled "If I die on Mars," in which an unnamed interviewer asks the most devastating question of all: You guys gonna be mad that you can't fuck anymore?

India Makes History as Satellite Enters Mars Orbit

Zara Golden · 09/23/14 11:10PM

India has nailed its first foray into interplanetary travel. Wednesday morning local time, scientists announced that their Mangalyaan – Hindi for "Mars Craft" – had entered Mars orbit after completing the 400-million-mile arc to Mars it began last November. It will now set about collecting imagery and data that might shed light on the still mysterious red planet.

Watch This Stunning New High-Definition Video of The Mars Rover's Descent

Adrian Chen · 08/22/12 10:52AM

Here is an incredible new video of the Mars Curiosity Rover's descent, so clear it's like you're bearing down on Mars yourself. The video is comprised of hundreds of high-definition still images beamed back by the Mars Descent Imager (MARDI) and stitched together to form a video. It seems almost too good to be true, except you can check out the original raw images here.

The Curiosity Rover's First Color Photo of Mars Sucks

Max Read · 08/07/12 09:35AM

Here's the first color photo from Curiosity, the two-billion dollar NASA robot that landed on Mars yesterday. What a crock of shit. This is the first color photo of Mars we're getting? An Instagram of a mountain? Is Curiosity taking photos with a RAZR? This is the worst photo I've ever seen. Fire everyone at NASA. [NASA]

Enormous Robot Begins Journey to Mars in Search of Life

Max Read · 11/26/11 11:29AM

Right now, several miles above the surface of the earth, a huge wheeled robot is on its way to Mars, where, armed with "rock-zapping laser," it will seek out evidence of ancient extraterrestrial life.