Thank God: Cameron Diaz Is Finally Engaged

Allie Jones · 12/19/14 08:47AM

It's a Christmas miracle: 42-year-old movie star Cameron Diaz is engaged to be married. After some 20-odd years of eligibility and a truly ill-advised period of dating Justin Timberlake, we're finally getting this gal down the aisle. According to US Weekly, Cam's even talking about having babies. It's all happening!

Louis Peitzman · 09/09/12 03:34PM

Filling the void Amy Poehler and Will Arnett left in our hearts, Cobie Smulders and Taran Killam got married.

Married Teachers Charged With Raping a 17-Year-Old Boy

Seth Abramovitch · 04/21/11 08:16PM

The ballots for Worst Teacher Ever have been tabulated — and we have a tie! And they're married! Gay Davidson-Shepard, 59, and her husband Daniel Alma Shepard, 61, both high school educators from Orange County, have been charged with engaging in illegal sex acts with a 17-year-old boy. They're currently out on $150,000 bail.

Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds Got Married

ian spiegelman · 09/28/08 10:05AM

Actress/singer(?) Scarlett Johansson has, for some reason, married Van Wilder star Ryan Reynolds. Yeah, it happened. Johansson, 23, hitched her sexy-as-all-hell wagon to Alanis Morissette's 31-year-old ex-fiance last night at a remote wilderness resort outside of Vancouver. The pair got engaged in May, when Reynolds-who really stood out in Smokin' Aces-dropped a $30K diamond ring on her dainty finger. [Us] Click through for an important reminder of just exactly who, for now, is off the market.

Howard Stern Got Married Today, Maybe

ian spiegelman · 08/16/08 04:48PM

Howard Stern and fiancee/model Beth Ostrosky are supposedly getting married today, presumably at his/their place in the Hamptons. According to "Howard 100 News" reporter Lisa G., they planned a casual, barefoot ceremony on the beach. Only, where are the paparazzi and the helicopters? Where is the army of Post reporters filing dispatches from the Island? Is this all just some misdirection by Page Six chief Richard Johnson in order to snag an invite to the real ceremony in another location? Where are the pictures? And Beth says she planning to run a marathon in the morning. Does that make sense? [P6] Update: Lovable stammerer Ellen Degeneres probably married her smoking-hot fiancee Portia De Rossi today as well, in their gazillion-dollar Beverly Hills Xanadu! Oh, the love!