Louis Peitzman · 09/10/12 07:41PM

OK, we can all relax — Blake Lively's ex-boyfriend and Gossip Girl co-star Penn Badgley is happy she got hitched.

Louis Peitzman · 09/09/12 03:34PM

Filling the void Amy Poehler and Will Arnett left in our hearts, Cobie Smulders and Taran Killam got married.

Demi's Bisexual 'Needs' Led to Relationship-Destroying Open Marriage

Max Read · 11/19/11 01:28PM

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher had an open marriage—because Moore "didn't always get all she needed from Ashton." Prince Harry parties it up in Las Vegas. And Kris Humphries has a sad. Saturday's gossip is also in an open marriage with Ashton. Very open.

Burning Crosses in the Driveway Won't Save Your Marriage

Lauri Apple · 11/17/11 07:08AM

Fifty-year-old Floridan L.B. Williams didn't want his wife to divorce him because he loved her, and also who would bake him cakes? Instead of seeking marriage counseling or taking Mrs. Williams on some romantic Red Lobster dinner dates, he tried to woo her back by staging a hate crime. Hey, whatever works! (It did not work.)

Vibe Editor Gets Marginally Fancier Job

Hamilton Nolan · 09/09/09 12:04PM

In your world-beating Wednesday media column: Vibe's former editor moves up(?) in the world, people amazingly still want to buy the Sun-Times and BusinessWeek, the college newspaper marches on towards death, and media elites marry.

No More 'My Husband's in Finance'

Hamilton Nolan · 02/13/09 11:17AM

Weep for the DABA girls: an actual statistical analysis of the New York Times' wedding page reveals that finance guys just aren't getting married as much as they used to. Because they're all fired, probably!

Kids TV Star Died Coked Up In Hot Bath

Hamilton Nolan · 04/02/08 02:50PM

Natasha Collins, a former model who starred in a British children's TV show called "See It, Saw It," was found dead in a bathtub in January. Today, a coroner's report said that she died by being scalded to death in the hot bathwater, and that she had "Five times the potentially fatal amount of cocaine" in her system at the time. She and her fiancee—whom she met while he was working on another kids show—had been partying at home alone when she died. Collins wasn't always in costume; after the jump, a few of her normal modeling shots.