Private Islands of the Rich and Famous · 10/19/11 04:08PM

Legendary actor Marlon Brando never got along very well with celebrity photographers. In fact, the notoriously difficult thespian clocked "the Godfather of U.S. paparazzi culture," Ron Galella, after a taping of The Dick Cavett Show in 1973. Brando paid a $40K settlement to cover Galella's broken jaw and suffered an infected hand as the result of the incident.

Angelina Jolie Tells Jennifer Aniston to 'Back Off' of Brad Pitt

The Cajun Boy · 06/25/09 07:45AM

Angelina threatens Jennifer for frequently texting Brad, Marlon Brando banged Jackie O twice, Lily Allen gets caught with coke in her nose, Victoria Beckham shows off her new rack and Katy Perry posts a nude pic with pizza on Twitter.

Former Comeback Kid Tatum O'Neal Comes Back Again (To Crack, That Is)

Molly Friedman · 06/02/08 12:25PM

Back in October 2004, Tatum O’Neal was a sobriety success story, having written a successful memoir after apparently conquering a drug addiction so intense that it made Stevie Nicks's habit look pithy. But as the NY Post reports, O’Neal was arrested by the NYPD last night while allegedly buying crack and cocaine just blocks away from her luxury apartment in Manhattan's Lower East Side. When she was busted, the actress supposedly claimed she was pulling a Mendes and researching a bit for an upcoming junkie role. Apparently, her research was tres Method — she was even carrying a crack pipe on her (but it was “clean!”, she said). Even more embarrassing? She reached for the age-old and very dusty “Don’t you know who I am?” in an attempt to get the cops to look the other way. But the cops didn’t bite, and O’Neal, along with her dealer, were taken to the clink. After the jump, we scoured her memoir of recovery to figure out why she may have gone back to the "glamorous" world of drugs.

Debate Over What To Do With Christian Brando's Body Escalates Into Full-Out War of the Womens

mollyf · 01/30/08 04:54PM

With two armies of ladies fighting over Christian Brando's body, the debate over where to put the recently deceased son of Marlon to rest is now being fought on a very public stage. In order to help win the battle, both Anna Kashfi, Brando's mother, and his girlfriend Donna Geon have recruited others closely connected to the actor to support their wildly contradictory claims. Kashfi's posse (which also includes Brando's ex-wives Deborah Presley and Mary McKenna) thinks that Brando's body should be buried in Washington, because, well, we're not exactly sure (we think it's because he once lived there for awhile). But! Geon says Brando told her a different story, and she's pulled some half-siblings out of the woodwork to prove it.

Marlon Brando's Housekeeper Settles For Far Less Than She Was Asking

seth · 01/04/07 01:39PM

Angela Borlaza, Marlon Brando's chief assistant and homemaker during his final years, has settled her lawsuit claiming she was locked out of his room in the days before his death so that producer Mike Medavoy and others could coerce a signature from the legend giving them full rights to develop his Tahitian estate into a resort. She also claimed she was wrongly evicted from the San Fernando Valley home she says was a gift from her former boss. Reports the LAT: