The Marky Mark Workout: Remembrance of Abs Past

Daniel Barnum-Swett · 02/03/10 11:45AM

Mark Wahlberg wants you to forget his rapping underwear salesman days, but this workout video denies that possibility. Try as he might, the public can never forget that beautiful Bostonian, his life of Good Vibrations and "fly honeys". Pow!

Mark Wahlberg Skips Premiere Party, Would Rather Watch Hoops Than 'The Happening'

STV · 06/12/08 01:25PM

Call it a midlife crisis, queasiness or just sheer boredom, but good soldier Mark Wahlberg may have finally reached his leading-man saturation point with The Happening. It was bad enough that the gossips attribute his persistent new jitters to his work with "that scary motherfucker Manoj" Night Shyamalan, or that the actor fled Tuesday's premiere and afterparty to watch his Celtics battle the Lakers in the NBA Finals. But no on-screen spookiness could prepare him for the terrifying onslaught of questions about his past with the Funky Bunch: