Happy Birthday

cityfile · 12/15/09 07:05AM

Julie Taymor, the Tony-winning theater and film director, turns 57 today. Adam Brody, the actor and former star of The O.C. is turning 30. Don Johnson is 60. Stuart Townsend, the actor better known as Charlize Theron's boyfriend, turns 37. Virginia Senator Mark Warner is turning 55. Comedian Tim Conway is 76. And Andrew Luster, the Max Factor heir and convicted rapist, will mark his 46th birthday behind bars today.

Obama CTO's Chummy Confirmation

Ryan Tate · 05/19/09 07:31PM

Aneesh Chopra might have been embarrassed by a medical-records breach in Virginia, but his nomination to White House Chief Technology Officer has been better secured. He can thank the senator on whom he lavished donations.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 12/15/08 07:35AM

Tony-winning director Julie Taymor is 56 today. Actor Stuart Townsend (otherwise known as Mr. Charlize Theron) is 36. Adam Brody, who starred in The OC, is 29. Virginia's former governor and now Senator-elect, Mark Warner, is turning 54. And Don Johnson is 59 today.

Inside The Waverly Inn

Joshua Stein · 06/26/07 09:16AM

At 9 p.m. last night, Bank Street was humming with black Mercedeses, all idling for the air conditioning. "It's gotta be cold when my client comes out," said one driver. A bright red motorcycle with Diplomat plates screeched to a halt and an olive-skinned man bounded off into the most literarily significant inn since the Tabard. As prescribed by the Post's Mandy Stadtmiller, we had made reservations through Jon Kelly, Graydon Carter's assistant.