The Week in Parties

cityfile · 08/22/08 01:36PM

1) At the New York premiere of spy thriller Traitor at the Regal Union Square last night, the film's stars Don Cheadle, Guy Pearce, Said Taghmaoui, and Mozhan Marno walked the red carpet along with director Jeffrey Nachmanoff, Busta Rhymes, Jesse Williams, Estelle, Aubrey O'Day, and Nicole Miller. [NYO/Wireimage]

The Feds Aren't Done With Mary-Kate

cityfile · 08/05/08 05:33AM
  • Mary-Kate Olsen's lawyer said she had nothing to do with the drugs found in Heath Ledger's home or his body. The feds don't seem to be entirely satisfied, though, because they've now planning to get a subpoena to force Mary-Kate to testify. [NYP]

Mark Ronson Gives Blessing To His Lindsay-In-Law

Seth Abramovitch · 07/17/08 01:30PM

At four months and still going strong, reformed shock-starlet Lindsay Lohan and gateway-lesbian girlfriend Samantha Ronson seem to be enjoying something approaching unfettered bliss. Still, we realize there exists among you—despite extensive photo-evidence of kissing, hand-holding, and the presentation of a a $22,000 Cartier ring (or roughly three years' salary for the average D.J.)—a few out there still who suspect the entire courtship to be a calculated attempt at staying in the limelight. Well, perish the cynical thought. Even Samantha's older brother Mark Ronson has given the couple his blessing, reports The Mirror:

Mark Ronson Shows Off His Humble Side

cityfile · 07/07/08 02:03PM

We don't know if you've heard of this new DJ/music producer, Mark Ronson: He's totally under the radar, and is very rarely photographed or gossiped about, let alone spotted schmoozing with different celebs each night of the week. There haven't been any newspaper or magazine profiles written about him (nor about his sisters, two reclusive and prim young ladies named Samantha and Charlotte) so thank goodness a UK Times journalist had his finger sufficiently on the pulse to suggest something radical to his editor: An interview with the attention-shy, self-effacing young man himself, so that the world can finally hear about him and his work.

Madge and A-Rod's Late Nights

cityfile · 07/02/08 06:40AM
  • Reps for Madonna and Alex Rodriguez claim the two are "just friends." They just happen to be the kind of friends who have secret rendezvouses at their apartments until midnight. The day after having a baby. [NYP]

The Richest Ronson

cityfile · 06/24/08 11:48AM

Would you like to be paid millions for less than an hour's work? No talent necessary! All you have to do is be born into a family of congenital self-glorifiers. Mark Ronson, whose childhood soirees chez Michael Jackson clearly haven't affected his ability to whore himself out to the highest bidder, now makes easier money than a supermodel in an ad campaign: He was paid $2 million to turn up to an English heiress's 21st birthday party for 45 minutes and sing some songs. [The Mirror]

Charlotte Ronson Goes Mass Market

cityfile · 06/19/08 07:24AM

While her twin Samantha's busy with a full-time role as Lindsay Lohan's driver/purse carrier/lesbian life partner, brother Mark remains the most overpaid and overexposed DJ in history, and mom Ann relentlessly socializes and namedrops, fashion designer Charlotte Ronson—whose Urban Outfitters line, Play by C. Ronson, just hit stores—manages to be the the least insufferable member of her family (OK, so it's not difficult). [Nylon]

Britney Spears Goes On Date With New Father Figure, Lindsay Lohan Goes On Bad-Girls-Only Threesome

Molly Friedman · 06/11/08 06:00PM

Two former members of the infamous Bimbo Summit were not late for very important dates this week. But one alum probably should’ve been. Worker bee Britney Spears was spotted having a one-on-one dinner last night at Havana Room, while pansexual couple of the moment Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson pretended to eat dinner with an unexpected new BFF at Il Sole on Monday. And while Britney’s knight in Hebrew-hating armor has proven himself to be quite the positive influence of late, we’re not so confident that Sam and Lindsay’s third wheel will strengthen Lohan’s so-far-successful ascent towards paycheck-earning, substance-free livelihood. The angel on Britney’s shoulder and devil on Lindsay’s revealed after the jump.

Brad Went Shopping, Left the Babies at Home

cityfile · 06/05/08 08:22AM
  • Brad Pitt spent the weekend at the Miami Basel fair in Switzerland buying a $293,000 white marble table and $25,000 chairs while a very pregnant Angelina Jolie stayed home in France. [Page Six]

Everyone's an Exhibitionist

cityfile · 06/01/08 09:40PM

Another day, another young celeb's indiscreet and gently ambisexual set of pics find their way into the public eye. This time it's the turn of 19-year-old British model Daisy Lowe—Mark Ronson's current girlfriend and Gavin Rossdale's long-lost love child—who's also regaled readers of GQ with her impressions of what passes for romance in New York. [The Sun]

Having Officially Run Out Of Solids To Snort, Celebrities Turn To The Liquid 'Gas Chamber'

Molly Friedman · 03/07/08 06:29PM

What exactly is a star to do when they've run out of things to snort up their much-abused noses? The Nesquik-laced coke trend had some buzz for awhile but quickly got old. Then Keith Richards tried an even more inventive trick by blowing rails constructed from his daddy's ashes. And let's not forget Steve-O, who decided snorting wasabi would make for a grand old time. But the award for most logical next snortable substance of choice must go to Amy Winehouse (surprise!), who recently kickstarted a brand new trend in nose candy parlor games with Kelly Osbourne in London this week. Details on the rules and regulations for a fun little lethal game called Gas Chamber after the jump.

Another Blow For Hud Morgan

Nick Denton · 03/05/08 12:14PM

What if you defended your honor, and your girlfriend's, and she went off anyway with another guy? Harsh. For the first time ever, I feel a little bad for Hud Morgan of Men's Vogue. Last week, the fruitini-drinking former gossip columnist called out one of his friends for joking about his relationship with a barely legal actress, Leven Rambin of daytime soap All My Children. She wasn't worth it, Hud. First, the Men's Vogue writer was slapped in the face by Spencer Morgan of the New York Observer, the mocking friend, in one of the most public places imaginable, the hottest downtown nightspot, the Beatrice Inn. Now Page Six reports the fickle Rambin, who previously had an affair with Julia Allison's geeky boyfriend, has already moved on. At a party on Saturday night at the Spotted Pig, the "possessed" 17-year-old was spotted making out with hat-wearing music producer, Mark Ronson.

Mark Ronson

cityfile · 02/03/08 09:39PM

Showbiz spawn Mark Ronson is a music producer and turntablist to the stars.