Litigiousness: Now More Affordable Than Ever!

cityfile · 03/02/09 09:21AM

Through the recession-blackened debris of our once great nation, there blows a consolatory treasure, a reminder, if you will, of what being American is all about: suing people! Thanks to the mass layoffs of lawyers—on February 12th alone, 800 law firm employees were let go—the cost of a lawsuit should drop "for the first time in history," explains Mark Penn, the CEO of the PR firm Burson-Marsteller and the scandal-plagued strategist who worked on Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. Music to the ears, no doubt, of women who have ever been employed by Simon Hammerstein, or of waitstaff at basically any New York restaurant.

Oh, Honestly, Mark Penn

Pareene · 01/23/09 09:50AM

The world's best pollster in history ever conducted a poll that found that Mark Penn's own "3 a.m. Ad" was the best political ad ever, and that is why Hillary Clinton is president now. [Wonkette]

Tina Brown on the True Victims of the Recession

Pareene · 01/12/09 02:34PM

Tina Brown, author of a best-selling book on Princess Diana and editor-in-chief of a neat blogsite that is like HuffPo but without the faux-populism "anyone can blog" shtick, is really sweating this new media environment.

Obama Is a BMW, McCain is a Ford

cityfile · 10/21/08 05:48PM

What has Mark Penn, the scandal-plagued strategy guru for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, been up to as of late? He's back to doing what he does best: conducting useless marketing research. The "2008 Presidential Image Power Survey," conducted by Penn, Schoen & Berland and Landor Associates, asked voters to associate the presidential candidates with various brands, including "fictional spies, retail outlets, snack foods and cars." The answers? Voters connected Obama to BMW, Google and Target, while Mr. McCain was compared to Ford, Wal-Mart, and AOL. Translation: Obama is associated with cool stuff; McCain makes people think of a car company about to go bankrupt, a big-box retailer that abuses its employees, and an Internet company that peaked 11 years ago. [AdAge]

Mark Penn, Folks!

Moe · 09/12/08 04:51PM

What pollsters call the easily manipulable people they are paid to manipulate when they are no longer being paid to make up quippy little euphemisms for "emotionally-motivated ignoramuses" such as "Hockey mom": "I think the best argument to get those voters is that he's going to follow a really strong but sensible course in terms of turning around the economy. I think a lot of those voters, particularly the downscale voters who saw Hillary Clinton as a champion for them, are looking for someone who's going to be able to champion their cause, particularly in the economic area." [CBS News]