Lindsay Lohan Is Going to Jail, And Other Probabilities

Maureen O'Connor · 04/30/10 09:02AM

She violated her DUI probation, but her lawyer says she'll be fine. And check out these gory photos she took. Kardashian says she doesn't smell like a burrito. Clooney didn't know he was harboring an arsenal of explosives. TGIFriday gossip.


cityfile · 08/19/09 07:59AM

Lindsay Lohan buying a bottle of water downtown ... Mary-Kate Olsen leaving a yoga class in SoHo ... Christina Applegate arriving at ABC studios in Midtown ... Sienna Miller shopping at Williams-Sonoma in SoHo ... Mark McGrath walking downtown ... Renee Zellweger getting in an SUV after an appearance on Good Morning America ... Liev Schreiber carrying his bike into his apartment in NoHo ... Amanda Seyfried shooting scenes for Letters to Juliet in Bryant Park ... Nikki Sixx leaving his hotel ... Blake Lively hailing a cab, and later talking to Sebastian Stan on a Gossip Girl shoot at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens ... Viola Davis walking in Tribeca ... and Whitney Port going grocery shopping at the Citarella in SoHo.


cityfile · 07/13/09 08:33AM

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban crossing the street in Midtown ... Orlando Bloom checking out motorcycles at the Ducati dealership on Sixth Avenue ... Haley Joel Osment riding the subway ... Rachel McAdams running on the set of Morning Glory in Midtown ... Pierce Brosnan talking on his cell phone during lunch ... Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber arriving at JFK with sons, Alexander and Samuel, and Liev’s mom ... Mark McGrath eating lunch with girlfriend Carin Kingsland at Delicatessen on Prince Street ... Jessica Szohr shooting scenes for Gossip Girl in Soho ... Heidi Klum leaving her hotel with a big cup of coffee ... Hugh Jackman eating lunch at Da Silvano with his wife and kids ... Emilie de Ravin walking on the set of Remember Me in Cobble Hill ... and Tim Robbins pushing his bike downtown.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 03/13/09 06:47AM

Jamie Dimon (left) is the CEO of JPMorgan. Byrdie Bell (right) goes to a lot of parties. What do the two have in common? Absolutely nothing, except they're both celebrating birthdays today: Dimon is 53; Bell is turning 24. William H. Macy turns 59 today. Kathy Hilton, the woman who brought Paris Hilton into this world, is 50. Emile Hirsch is 24. Mets pitcher Johan Santana is turning 30. Political commentator Charles Krauthammer is 59. Mediabistro founder Laurel Touby is turning 46. Common is 37. Danny Masterson is 33. Dana Delany is 53. And Neil Sedaka is turning 70. Weekend birthdays after the jump!

Hollywood PrivacyWatch: Neil Patrick Harris, Sweatin' To The Oldies

Mark Graham · 08/15/08 02:20PM

PrivacyWatch celebrity sightings are submitted by our millions of Defamer operatives. We'd like to remind you that this feature is powered by you, so if you want to see more installments of PrivacyWatch, then all you've got to do is to send us your sightings. Submit yours to tips[AT] (please put "sighting" or "PrivacyWatch" in the subject line so we don't lose them) and tell everyone about the time you saw NPH getting all sweaty during a workout. In today's installment: Neil Patrick Harris, Woody Allen, Matthew McConaughey, Brian Grazer, Blake Lively, Pierce Brosnan, Christian Slater, Chris Noth, Jason Lee, Jenny Lewis, John Rzeznik, Dave Navarro, Mark McGrath, Dyan Cannon, Camryn Manheim, Bruce Vilanch and more!WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 6 · I was at the Arsenal in Los Angeles last night and saw (HOT)MIKE BORTONE (Survivor), PAMELA ALDON ( I remember her from Grease 2, but now on Californication and King of the Hill) and LIZA SNYDER (Yes, Please). They looked like they were having a great time, drinking & laughing & hanging out with a bunch of fun people. At one point I thought Liza & Pamela were going to get up & dance with the DJ's, but no luck. Good Times. THURSDAY, AUGUST 7 · Saw BLAKE LIVELY at Urth Cafe in Beverly Hills. Amazingly, she mistook ME for one of her friends and stopped me as I walked by and said, "Hello." She realized her error and was very sweet in apologizing. She's as pretty in person as she is on TV. · DYAN CANNON — all 90lbs of her — managed to waft/ tremble/ stumble into my abs class today at Equinox. I thought to myself, "Oh my god, that woman looks like the gorgeous Dyan Cannon, star of my all-time favorite and underrated Al Pacino movie Author! Author! But it can't be her because her surgically enhanced lips are bigger than my ass." While the instructor yelled at us during the "reverse crunch" series ("this targets LBF, people! Lower Back Fat! Nothing attractive about that!"), I determined that it was indeed her. Her body is 15, most of her face is 35, but her lips are A very bad decision. Sort of criminal, really, that some surgeon would go through with that. Someone should hire her for something—but first demand she gets rid of the trout pout. · I saw WOODY ALLEN & SOON YI today at MOCA. He does not at all try to hide the fact that he's looking at you. Definitely a people watcher. SATURDAY, AUGUST 8 · While at the Eddie Izzard show at the Kodak, I spotted a very cheery CAMRYN MANHEIM. I always expect her to be in a foul mood but she seemed open and, dare I say, bubbly. As I was waiting for the show to start I felt the cold wave of hack comedy wash over the crowd. As I turn around, I see a T-shirt with a hacky comment and the unmistakable bleached bowl-cut of BRUCE VILANCH entering the room. Watching Izzard perform, Vilanch must have felt like a midget trying to guard Shaq. Hopefully it made him realize he should quit the business and leave the hackiness to butchers, golfers, and Dane Cook. SUNDAY, AUGUST 10 · I saw JOHN RZEZNIK of the Goo Goo Dolls getting his Polish on at Warszawa in Santa Monica. He was with some appropriately punk looking pals, pretty cool, having his pierogi. MONDAY, AUGUST 11 · It was the day of hot rocker boys of the 90’s at Equinox on Sunset. Saw DAVE NAVARRO and MARK MCGRATH. Dave’s always there, so that might not be much of a sighting. Mark got approached by some overeager fangirls and looked a bit confused, then scurried away. TUESDAY, AUGUST 12 · It was a celebrity smorgasbord at Nobu (Malibu) around 8:30pm: BRIAN GRAZER, PIERCE BROSNAN (looking fantastic!), CHRISTIAN SLATER (not so much) and MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY (the usual). They were not all together as that would be just plain weird. WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 13 · Driving home from work last night (13 Aug) I passed MIA MICHAELS (So You Think You Can Dance) heading in the opposite direction (west - natch!) on the Santa Monica Blvd. at the Van Ness intersection. She drives something big and Jeep-like and black. Naughty lady was at the wheel and using her cellphone. Brazenly! But then, as we all know, celebs are above the law. · While waiting outside of my chiropractors office...I see CHRIS NOTH (aka, BIG) come out of "Miss Barry's Bootcamp". He was shirtless and glistening all over (having just finished being tortured by "Miss"). Anyway, he was very nice and did not seem to mind people checking him out (nice bod for an over 50 man). Needless to say my tiny little life got a lot bigger for a second. · It was a celebrity paradox at Poquito Mas on Cahuenga. First, we see a scruffy yet sexy JASON LEE eating with his son PILOT. He seemed like a typical father with him, very sweet, taking him to the bathroom, making sure he had enough nachos, etc. He had a FULL beard (Jason Lee, not the kid), but it kind of worked on him. Then, just minutes later, an absolutely adorable JENNY LEWIS walked in with a pal. They looked like two sweet high school girls. She and Jason Lee made the awkward "I'm famous and you're famous and we are kind of Silver Lakey-Eastsider cool" nod to each other and I couldn't help but think that they would be an adorable couple. A little too cool for school though, perhaps... THURSDAY, AUGUST 14 · NEIL PATRICK HARRIS and DAVID WALTON (from Quarterlife) are working up a sweat (separately) at Equinox on Sunset.

Ousted 'Extra' Host Plots His Revenge Against Mario Lopez

Douglas Reinhardt · 08/14/08 05:45PM

Recently exiled Extra host Mark McGrath announced his plans to get revenge on Mario Lopez, the newly minted host of the show he recently vacated. McGrath got the idea when he left the popular watering hole, Crown Bar, and saw a giant sign for acting lessons. McGrath said, "If he's going to steal my hosting gigs, then I'm going to steal his acting gigs. So, get ready to see my lovely face all over Lifetime. I'm going to be your worst nightmare. I'm going to be your own personal Nedick."

Topless Mario Lopez To Rehash Day's Celebrity News For Floundering 'Extra'

Seth Abramovitch · 07/29/08 01:00PM

Mario Lopez, the dimple-cheeked actor who first rose to prominence playing the deeply conflicted Albert Clifford 'A.C.' Slater on the Chekhovian scholastics drama Saved by the Bell, has been announced as the new host of Extra. As we mentioned yesterday, ratings were declining steadily for the syndicated celebrity newsbite service; Warner Bros. was therefore looking to drop its current hosts (Mark McGrath, former lead singer of the Afro-Caribbean-flavored pop outfit Sugar Ray, and Dayna Devon, who apparently is not Nancy O'Dell) in favor of something fresher, absier, and more Eva Longoria-accessible. Weekend co-host Lopez fit that bill: "'He will be a fresh and dynamic presence, and we can't wait for him to assume his new role,' said senior exec producer Lisa Gregorish-Dempsey." Look for new features like the VitaminWater presents Extra's Live! From the DKNY Beach House!, and the Mario Lopez's Knockout Fitness Gym Couture Fashion Report.

Mark Graham · 07/28/08 06:00PM

For a guy who proclaimed back in 1999 that he only had one second of his fifteen minutes of fame left, Mark McGrath has proven to be a resilient feature on the entertainment circuit (and our weekly Dirt Sandwich) for well over a decade now. Sadly, though, it looks as if that streak may be coming to a close. Today's New York Post reports that the brass at celebrity infotainment staple Extra are looking to salvage the ratings-challenged show by axing both McGrath and his comely blonde co-host, Dayna Devon. Reports have these roles possibly being filled by Bayside High's most successful alum, secret chest shaver Mario Lopez. [NY Post]

Yet More Talk of Ashley Dupre's TV Career

cityfile · 07/28/08 05:44AM
  • Ashley Dupre's reps, who have been negotiating deals on her behalf, say she's interested in "journalism and lounge singing," and that she "sees herself as a kind of Dr. Phil." Appropriately, the $2 million TV offer she's considering would team her up with the producer to reunited Joey Buttafuoco and Amy Fisher. [NYP]

Gainless Employment

Richard Lawson · 02/18/08 12:42PM

Celebrity TV news magazine Extra is launching a search for the New Face of Extra in Las Vegas (the contest is being announced on air today.) So let me get this straight. I get to report for a show where decency, style, and shame go out the window daily, I get to (probably) meet failed Sugar Ray lead singer and now co-host Mark McGrath, AND I get to live in beautiful, not at all horribly depressing Las Vegas?? Screw you, Denton. I'm outta here.

Lonely (But Hot!) Fox Biz Network Anchor Seeks "Wicked Smart" Male Viewers

Maggie · 01/04/08 05:02PM

'Extra' host Mark McGrath has said that 27-year-old Fox Business Network anchor Jenna Lee "puts the babe in business news." But it seems that even she's not babe enough to score viewers, let alone a date. Fox's fledgling biz network is off to a meager start with an average of 6,000 weekday viewers in its first two months. Maybe Jenna's requirements for would-be suitors are just too stringent! "My perfect man has to be wicked smart," she tells 'Extra'. "A good sense of humor doesn't hurt, but at the end of the day you want a smart man." Presumably you wouldn't mind if he were also a well-educated 18-35-year-old influencer with a high household income and a weakness for luxury goods? Ladies, next time one of you FBN pinup-newswomen talks to Sugar Ray about what you're looking for in an audience, be more specific!