Mark Madoff's Widow Opens Up About Her Aversion to Dog Leashes

Seth Abramovitch · 11/20/11 10:32PM

Stephanie Madoff Mack, widow of Bernie Madoff's son Mark, has written a book — The End of Normal: A Wife's Anguish, A Widow's New Life — about losing a husband to suicide after he played a central and implicit role in the biggest financial fraud in history. (First sentence: "Every night before going to sleep, I put a fresh towel down on my side of the bed, knowing it will be drenched with perspiration by the time I bolt awake, precisely and without fail, at 3:51 in the morning." Imagine the audiobook, voiced by the author, lulling you to sleep!)

The Madoff Family Destroys Itself

Hamilton Nolan · 12/13/10 09:28AM

Family friends say that Ruth Madoff blames Bernie for their son Mark's suicide, and believes this is "the end of the family." Mark Madoff hanged himself with a dog leash in his apartment Saturday morning. No one deserves that. [NYP]

Bernie Madoff's Son Mark Found Dead in Apparent Suicide

Jeff Neumann · 12/11/10 09:34AM

Mark Madoff, the 46-year-old son of Bernie Madoff, was found dead in his Manhattan apartment this morning in an apparent suicide. Earlier this week, Mark (left) and his brother Andrew were sued by the trustee handling Bernie's victims' claims. [NYP]

The Madoffs Aren't Out of the Woods Yet

cityfile · 02/12/10 11:23AM

We haven't heard much about the Madoff clan the past few months. That's not because the feds grew bored and decided to give up. They've been quietly assembling a case against Bernie's brother (Peter) and two sons (Andy and Mark), and may eventually charge them with tax fraud for using Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities as their "personal piggy bank":

The Madoff Boys Are Ready to Get Down to Business

cityfile · 12/10/09 08:47AM

It hasn't been all that long since Bernie Madoff was hauled off to prison and the family name remains as tainted as it was when the fraud was uncovered a year ago. But that isn't deterring Andrew Madoff and his brother Mark from looking into potential career opportunities in finance. According to the Wall Street Journal, Mark recently reached out to two contacts to see if he'd be able to find another job on Wall Street and indicated he'd be interested in working on a trading desk or in trading technology. Andrew Madoff is looking for a gig, too.

The Madoff Sell-Off Spreads

cityfile · 11/24/09 12:26PM

Bernie Madoff may not be the only member of the family to see his property fall into the hands of new owners. The Real Deal reports Mark Madoff may be forced to sell his Nantucket "getaway" in the near future. [Real Deal]

Mark Madoff's Downward Spiral

cityfile · 10/16/09 11:57AM

It isn't easy being the son of Bernie Madoff, clearly. On Wednesday night, a "stressed-out" Mark Madoff got into an argument with his wife, stormed out of the apartment, hopped on his Vespa scooter, and disappeared into the night. Fearing the worst, Stephanie Madoff called the cops to report him missing. But he turned out to be okay. He returned to the apartment the next morning and explained that he'd spent the night at the Soho Grand. And he proved that despite all the psychological pressure he says he's been under—which us supported by the slovenly look he's been sporting in recent months—he's still a Madoff at the end of the day. He reportedly checked into the hotel under a fake name and paid the bill in cash. [NYP]

Madoff Trustee Closes Out the Week with a Bang

cityfile · 10/02/09 01:11PM

When Irv Picard makes a promise, he keeps it. A few days ago, the trustee overseeing the Madoff mess said he planned to file a lawsuit against several other members of the Madoff clan—including Bernie's brother, two sons, and niece—for treating the family firm like a "piggy bank." And today he delivered, filing an action in federal bankruptcy court seeking the return of $199 million.

More Madoff Suits on the Way

cityfile · 09/28/09 07:30AM

The Madoff show goes on. In an interview that aired on last night's 60 Minutes, court-appointed trustee Irving Picard said he plans to file a civil suit against Bernie sons, Mark and Andy, this week which will seek the return of $198 million. And just so no one in the immediate family feels left out, he'll be suing Bernie's brother Peter and niece Shana, too. [Dealbook]

Mark Madoff Has Had Better Days

cityfile · 09/02/09 10:57AM

A CBS News camera crew caught up with Mark Madoff on the streets of Soho yesterday! Bernie's son refused to answer questions, which is hardly surprisingly. But his appearance spoke volumes.

Andy and Mark May Be Next

cityfile · 08/17/09 01:42PM

More Madoff-related indictments may be on the way, reports Lucinda Franks, who's been covering the case for The Daily Beast (and who happens to be the wife of Manhattan District Attorney Bob Morgenthau). Prosecutors, she says, "are poised to make multiple indictments in the weeks after Labor Day," and "investigators have compiled additional evidence against members of Bernie Madoff's family, specifically his brother Peter Madoff, and his sons Andrew and Mark Madoff." So perhaps the Madoff boys won't get off after all. But it's awfully thoughtful of prosecutors to wait until after Labor Day to bring down an indictment, so the boys can enjoy the rest of their summer vacation, isn't it? [TDB]

Spotted: Mark Madoff Edition

cityfile · 06/30/09 11:27AM

Mark Madoff wasn't at his father's sentencing yesterday, although no one really expected him to be there considering he says he hasn't spoken to his dad since his arrest in December. So where is he? In Nantucket, apparently, where he's doing his best to redeem the family name, according to a Deabreaker tipster:

Ruth Takes a Pass

cityfile · 06/26/09 02:36PM

Subway-riding Ruth Madoff will not be attending her husband's sentencing on Monday, reports ABC News. (Nor will his two sons be there, although that was to be expected given they maintain they haven't had any contact with him since his arrest.) Whether Bernie himself will express remorse is anyone's guess, although the cop who was assigned to guard him during his arrest—and who appears on 20/20 tonight—isn't expecting him a stream of tears and apologies. "He did not seem like the most contrite person I've ever met." [ABC News]

Madoff Boys Slapped With Suit

cityfile · 06/17/09 08:14AM

Bernie Madoff has been sued by a long list of former investors. Now his sons will get to share in the excitement. Two former employees of Bernard L. Madoff Securities have filed suit against Andy and Mark Madoff and claim the two brothers were well aware of the $65 billion Ponzi scheme and made efforts to "cloak the massive fraud of the Madoff investment advisory business." Richard Stahl and Reed Abend are now demanding $2 million in deferred compensation from the Madoff boys. And while it's unlikely the sons could come up with that kind of cash even if they wanted to, Abend, at least, could always resort to extra-legal justice if he's forced to. He's the same ex-employee who allegedly shoved and punched Andy Madoff when he ran into him on the street back in May. [NYDN]

It Ain't Easy Being a Madoff

cityfile · 06/03/09 09:36AM

The new issue of Vanity Fair features a piece on Bernie Madoff's two sons, Andrew and Mark, how much they knew about their dad's vast Ponzi scheme, and what life is like for members of the Madoff family these days. Among the revelations: Neither son has spoken to their father since he was arrested in December, nor have they had any contact with their mother; Andrew's estranged wife uses her maiden name when ordering groceries from FreshDirect; and the parents of classmates of Andrew's daughters at Dalton—"apparently fearful of assassins crouching in vestibules"—aren't too keen on letting their children attend parties at the Madoff home. So in case you were wondering, it still does really suck to be related to the biggest scam artist that has ever lived. [Vanity Fair, Page Six]

Ponzi Paraphernalia: Mark Madoff Edition

cityfile · 05/29/09 08:06AM

Can we interest you in one of Mark Madoff's business cards? Just $4.99 plus $1 for shipping, according to this listing on EBay! We have no idea what you'd do with the business card belonging to the disgraced son of admitted fraudster Bernie Madoff, but if you already have cards from Dennis Kozlowski at Tyco and Ken Lay at Enron, you might as well add it to the collection, no? Oh, and in case you're wondering, if you call the number printed on Mark's card, you'll get an automated message that suggests "trying again later." How optimistic! You may have better luck emailing him. We didn't get a reply when we sent over a little note this morning, but it didn't bounce either, so it's possible that Mark is still online. Developing! [EBay]