Happy Birthday

cityfile · 02/18/09 07:45AM

Designer Doo-Ri Chung turns 36 today. Matt Dillon is 45. Yoko Ono is celebrating her 76th. John Travolta is turning 55. Magazine icon Helen Gurley Brown is 87. Writer Toni Morrison is 78. Molly Ringwald turns 41. Breakfast Club director John Hughes is 59. Singer Regina Spektor turns 29. Dr. Dre is 44. Cybill Shepherd is 59. Hedge fund manager Mark Kingdon is 60. Film director Milos Forman is turning 77. And Wheel of Fortune's very own Vanna White is 52 today.

Mark Kingdon's Trip to the Olympics

cityfile · 08/26/08 12:02PM

Who's that sleeping man, you ask? Why it's Mark Kingdon, founder of the $6 billion hedge fund Kingdon Capital Management, who took home $200 million in pay last year according to Alpha magazine. Kingdon has a rep for his philanthropic work (unlike many of his peers), but you'll be happy to hear that he's spending some of his riches, too. Kingdon, wife Anla, and their two kids Jessica and Jason just got back from a family vacation to Beijing for the Olympics. From the looks of it, it was a rather exhausting vacation for the demi-billionaire and his wife. But just look at the culinary delights they had the opportunity to feast on. Bet you Phil Falcone and Dan Loeb didn't eat that dish for dinner last week! The Kingdon family vacation after the jump.

Second Life maker finds second CEO in adland

Owen Thomas · 04/22/08 05:40PM

Linden Lab, which operates the Second Life virtual world, has found a new CEO: Mark Kingdon, the longtime chief of Organic, an online ad agency. A bizarre move for Linden, and seemingly for Kingdon. Sophisticated marketers, having toyed with Second Life, agree that it's a nonstarter as an advertising medium. Linden Lab makes its money from serving as a virtual central bank and a taxing authority. IBM is interested in it largely as a substitute for teleconferencing. Philip Rosedale, the founder and outgoing CEO, is a dreamy technologist, but replacing him with an adman makes no sense. An enterprise-software salesman would have made more sense.

Mark Kingdon

cityfile · 02/03/08 09:32PM

Brooklyn-born Mark Kingdon is the founder of Kingdon Capital, a hedge fund with $5 billion in assets under management. According to Trader Monthly, he earned $100-150 million in 2007.