Cain Campaign Manager 'Confirming' Made-Up Facts on TV

Max Read · 11/08/11 10:26PM

Here's Herman Cain's campaign manager Mark Block, who may actually be more entertaining than Cain himself, telling Sean Hannity (in that grave, stilted, get-away-from-the-shed-where-I-keep-the-bodies way of his) that he's "connected the dots" regarding the multiple sexual harassment complaints against his boss. "[Accuser Karen Kraushaar's] son works at POLITICO," he says to Hannity, who asks if Block has "confirmed that." (Uh, Sean? This is the Cain campaign? Do you really think that a Cain worker would get on TV and just make shit up?) "We've confirmed that he does indeed work at POLITICO and that's his mother, yes," Block says, apparently in reference to National Journal writer Josh Kraushaar. Who isn't Karen Kraushaar's son. And who, Politico insists, doesn't work for Politico. But they would say that, wouldn't they? [Politico]

Cain's Awkward Campaign Manager Accuses Perry of Leaking

Max Read · 11/02/11 07:06PM

Who leaked the Herman Cain sexual harassment allegations? isn't just Encyclopedia Brown's worst book—it's also a question that incredibly annoying people are asking, right now! Cain's living-comedy-skit campaign manager Mark Block was just on Fox News accusing the Perry campaign, in his characteristic "intense neighbor reads demands to police while keeping family hostage" way. (See above video.) Yet the Perry campaign denies Block's accusations, and suggests that the Romney campaign is the true culprit. A shocking twist! Cut to commercial! But, okay, who's the real culprit? Why not Herman Cain himself? After all, the allegations launched the guy into his biggest 24-hour fundraising stretch. So, him or Bugs Meany. [Fox News, CBS]

Political World Left Apoplectic by Image of Man Smoking Cigarette

Jim Newell · 10/25/11 03:34PM

What a great comedy ad that Herman Cain's campaign released yesterday, right? It's heartwarming to see one of these old, grizzled campaign hands, in this case chief of staff Mark Block, finally getting in front of the camera in his own element: Smoking a cigarette outside some building. Then there's terrible music, Herman Cain gradually smiling over the course of 10 seconds, the works. It's strange and exciting, effectiveness aside! And yet the image of this man smoking left many political writers somewhere between confused and horrified. What does the cigarette "mean"? It's today's hot topic.

Herman Cain Produces Best/Worst Campaign Ad Ever

Max Read · 10/24/11 08:06PM

Here's a brand new Herman Cain campaign ad, starring chief of staff Mark Block, that was just posted, unlisted, to his official YouTube channel. As far as we can tell, Block is drunk, and outside an Olive Garden? And the cameraman is some guy with an iPhone, also drunk, whom Block met at the bar? But, really, the horrible panning and cheap tilt-shift filter are nothing compared to what happens at the 40-second mark. Just trust us on this one, okay? We told you the guy was stupid! [via @pourmecoffee]