Marissa Mayer Is Right 80 Percent of the Time

Owen Thomas · 03/29/09 01:00PM

Continuing her unstoppable PR rampage, Google executive Marissa Mayer took to NBC's Press:Here, a Silicon Valley interview show. The cupcake princess of search defended her by-the-numbers approach to Google's design.

New Google Design Features AIG

Owen Thomas · 03/26/09 12:19AM

The Googleplex is a place apart. But are the brainiacs of Mountain View, Calif. so cloistered that they haven't heard of AIG's woes? Apparently so, judging by new graphics VP Marissa Mayer unveiled Wednesday.

Twitter Claims Valley Crown by Poaching Google's Top Designer

Owen Thomas · 03/12/09 04:57PM

Twitter, the twee San Francisco messing startup, is all hope, no revenues. That makes it irresistable to Silicon Valley's best and brightest — like Google's top designer, Doug Bowman, whom we hear Twitter just hired.

Marissa Mayer: Google's Biggest Failure

Owen Thomas · 03/01/09 10:24PM

Google's perfectionist cupcake princess is totally misunderstood! That's the claim Marissa Mayer, the VP who oversees Google search, makes to a credulous New York Times, which licks up the frosted version of her career.

Marissa Mayer's 2009 Resolution: Leave Google

Owen Thomas · 12/30/08 03:49PM

What will Google be like without Marissa Mayer, the glamour nerd whose goofy laugh so neatly captures the search engine's adolescent awkwardness? We'll know soon. We hear the company's 19th employee is planning her goodbye.