Schwarzenegger's Alleged Mistress Count Continues to Rise

Maureen O'Connor · 05/20/11 11:05AM

Arnold's former underage fling describes several other affairs, one of which Maria supposedly knew about. The Brangelina brood makes a "giant mess" in Cannes. Lea Michele throws a tantrum over a dress. It's TGIFriday gossip.

Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid Send Their Kid to Fight to the Death

Richard Lawson · 04/19/11 04:36PM

Yes, it's Hunger Games time again, and the Ryan-Quaid offspring is one of today's selected tributes. Also today: The Good Wife keeps on a good character, Christopher Nolan keeps on some good actors, Demi Lovato bows out of Disney, and Isla Fisher heads to West Egg.

Midnight in Paris: Americans, a Broad

Richard Lawson · 03/28/11 01:35PM

Here's a trailer for Woody Allen's latest European romp, Midnight in Paris, a comedy about Owen Wilson staggering through the streets of the world's prettiest city while feeling jealous about his wife, Rachel McAdams. You see, his wife is, in typical Allenian (Allenic?) fashion, infatuated with a worldly intellectual, played by Michael Sheen (McAdams' real-life beau). What is one to do?

All of These People Are Having Babies, But Not With Each Other

Maureen O'Connor · 01/11/11 10:46AM

Owen Wilson, Marion Cotillard, and Jewel are having babies. Kanye got his album cover banned on purpose. Michael Douglas beats cancer. Andy Dick gets kicked out of the Oscars of porn. Tuesday gossip giggles and coos.

The Nine Lessons We Learned from Nine

Brian Moylan · 12/28/09 03:02PM

Just because Nine, which opened this weekend, sucked doesn't mean that it has nothing to teach us. For instance, it can tell us how to keep a disaster like Nine from happening again.


cityfile · 11/19/09 10:31AM

Olivia Palermo walking in Soho with her boyfriend Johannes Huebl and dog ... Calvin Klein leaving his apartment building ... Randy Jackson leaving his hotel in Midtown ... Sandra Bullock running errands downtown ... Penelope Cruz arriving at JFK ... Blake Lively filming scenes for Gossip Girl on the Upper West Side ... Alessandra Ambrosio walking around SoHo with a camera crew in tow ... John Malkovich on Madison Avenue ... Uma Thurman walking in the Village ... Miranda Kerr getting out of an SUV ... Katie Holmes on the set of The Romantics on Long Island ... Marion Cotillard arriving at JFK ... and Ed Westwick walking in the West Village with a D'Agostino shopping bag in hand.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 09/30/09 06:30AM

Queens' very own Fran Drescher turns 52 today. Oscar-winning actress Marion Cotillard is turning 34. Jenna Elfman is 38. Monica Bellucci is turning 45. Phish's Trey Anastasio turns 45. Elie Wiesel, the Nobel-winning author and Holocaust survivor, is 81. PR veteran Bobby Zarem is turning 73. Money manager Marty Whitman turns 85. Hedge fund manager Israel Englander is 61. Actor Eric Stoltz is 48. Lacey Chabert (Party of Five, Mean Girls) is 27. And former professional tennis player, Martina Hingis, turns 29 today.

Haute Couture, Christian Lacroix & JCPenney, Too

cityfile · 07/06/09 07:31PM

• In the market for a $40,000 dress? Better jump on a plane to Paris. Haute Couture Week kicked off today. [AP, Vogue UK, Independent, FWD]
• The situation at Christian Lacroix, which filed for bankruptcy a few weeks back, is getting bleaker by the day: The company may be reduced from 124 employees to 12 if a buyer doesn't materialize soon. [WWD, Cut]
• The JCPenney at the Manhattan Mall opens in a mere 25 days. Don't forget to update your cousins in Omaha so they can mark their calendars. [Racked]
• Roberto Cavalli claims he never pays attention to costs ("I don't know anything about the financial crisis"), thinks Dubai is "a city for the future," and says all he really wants is to be loved. So, yes, he's human. [Times UK]
Elle's Joe Zee is now tweeting, just so you know. [Twitter]


cityfile · 10/30/08 09:02AM

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson getting on the subway at Spring Street ... Kate Beckinsale smoking on the sidewalk in SoHo ... Naomi Watts shopping at Whole Foods on Houston Street ... Naomi Campbell leaving her hotel ... John Legend walking around town ... Beyonce talking on her phone at JFK ... Penn Badgley and Blake Lively under an umbrella on the set of Gossip Girl ... Christina Aguilera getting into an SUV with son Max ... Joshua Jackson on the set of Fringe ... Aretha Franklin arriving at her Midtown hotel ... The Who's Roger Daltrey going for a walk ... Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet crossing the street ... Katie Holmes coming back at her East Village apartment after a matinee performance on Broadway ... and Sarah Jessica Parker taking son James to school.

Michelle Plugs J. Crew, The Olsens Fend Off PETA

cityfile · 10/28/08 03:20PM

♦ J. Crew is absolutely delighted Michelle Obama mentioned the brand on The Tonight Show last night. It's already the basis of an online ad campaign. [Jezebel, Politico]
♦ The Olsens celebrated the launch of their book at Barneys last night, after which MK celebrated into the night at Bungalow 8 and Lit. Today the duo signed books at Barnes & Noble, where they were greeted by PETA protesters in masks. [style file, OK!]
Rachel Roy is just like you and me: She relishes going to vintage stores in small towns because "they aren't picked over by designers like New York is." As for whose style she most admires? Lauren Santo Domingo's. [FabSugar]
♦ You may have balked at Tom Ford's $9,240 otter fur boots, but you'll feel silly on the beach at St. Barts this winter without his $475 tanning goggles! [style file]

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 09/30/08 06:54AM

Celebrating birthdays today: Veteran publicist Bobby Zarem (left) is 72. Legendary money manager Marty Whitman is 84. Hedge fund billionaire Israel Englander is 60. Elie Wiesel is 80. Oscar-winning actress Marion Cotillard is 33. Actress Lacey Chabert is 26. Fran Drescher is turning 51. Jenna Elfman is 37. Phish's Trey Anastasio is 44. And former tennis star Martina Hingis is 28 today.

Ex-Stripper, Sadist Among 105 New Invitees to Join AMPAS

STV · 06/24/08 04:45PM

Hollywood's power list got a little more diffuse Monday when Diablo Cody, Marion Cotillard, Judd Apatow and Sacha Baron Cohen were among 105 new invitees to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The number is the lowest since 2004, when the Academy instituted its "Riff-Raff Rule" limiting the annual invitee total to 137; that said, we're not sure what kind of internal politics and/or pledge drives would necessitate inviting Michael Haneke and Jet Li to assume even 1/6000th of the Oscar vote. Follow the jump for more of this year's celebrated AMPAS Cub Club!

Diablo Cody Takes Us to Cafe Triste

employeemegan · 04/02/08 07:35PM

Oh cruel fate, to learn today that Ellen Page was one deleted musical scene away from certain Oscar victory. Thankfully, the kind people at Amazon have righted the sitch (man, we're getting Diablo'd just thinking about it), offering the Cafe Triste "Jub Jub" (not to be confused with the Ewok's "Yub Nub") song as a sneak peek at Juno's DVD special content.

In a moment so genuinely awkward that adorably awkward Michael Cera looks almost uncomfortably awkward living it, our knocked-up heroine sings the grrl power anthem about baby batter, dances, and tic tacs to an empty coffeehouse. Watch and we think you'll agree: had the Academy gotten their hands on this one, we would have been treated to a deadpan Page acceptance speech (did she mean there are truly angels in this city, or was that ironic?) and an unearthed interview on her refusal to believe in the Teapot Dome scandal.

Go Make Films Elsewhere, Then

Nick Denton · 03/03/08 04:28PM

Quel âne. Marion Cotillard has come under entirely predictable criticism for her moronic claim that the attacks of September 2001 might have been a conspiracy by property developers who couldn't be bothered to repair the cabling on the Twin Towers. The Oscar-winning French actress should have tried contrition, a dash of naivete, with the breathless delivery that won over the audience during last weekend's Academy Awards telecast. Instead: petulance about as charming as France's enduring resentment of those countries that liberated them twice in the last century.

SAG Gets A Kick In The Pants From That Other Actors Guild

Seth Abramovitch · 03/03/08 03:34PM

· OMG! AFTRA wants SAG to start negotiating with AMPTP ASAP! [Variety]
· What do Charlie Sheen, Rosie O'Donnell, and Oscar-winner Marion Cotillard have in common? Hint: Not talent! A year-old interview with the La Vie en Rose star reveals she's a 9-11 conspiracist, too. Edifice sept! Edifice sept! [Variety]