Rebecca Black Has a Message for All You Haters

Matt Cherette · 04/21/11 09:24PM

On tonight's Extra, Rebecca Black talked to Mario Lopez about the death threats that have been made against her because of her annoyingly popular song, "Friday." Black said she just was surprised that some people were taking it so seriously: "Yeah, um, I think that's kind of weird. Like, why would you, it's a song! Like, it's not like I ran for President and then I said something really bad."

Jimmy Kimmel Never Called Sarah Silverman Pretty, and Now He Will Pay

Maureen O'Connor · 02/09/10 06:39AM

Sarah Silverman unleashes the rage of a thousand indignant female fans on an ex-boyfriend. Brangelina sues News of the World for the break-up rumor. I hereby nominate Kevin Federline to date Kate Gosselin. Tuesday gossip just wants to be loved.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 10/09/09 06:38AM

Sean Lennon turns 34 today. Sharon Osbourne is turning 57. Newly retired pro golfer Annika Sörenstam is 39. Former Senator Trent Lott is turning 68. Director Guillermo del Toro turns 45. Tony Shalhoub is 56. Jackson Browne is 61. John O'Hurley of Seinfeld and Dancing with the Stars is 55. Actor Brandon Routh is turning 30. C-SPAN founder Brian Lamb is 68. Singer-songwriter P.J. Harvey is 40. And Randy Spelling—son of Aaron and Candy and brother of Tori—turns 31 today. A few weekend birthdays are below.

The TV Reunion Career Success Index

Brian Moylan · 08/27/09 12:05PM

There is a simple formula to determine how successful the stars of hit television shows go on to become: how long it takes before the reunion special. Seinfeld held out for 11 years, how long did everyone else last?

Madonna Takes a Fall, Blames Someone Else

cityfile · 04/20/09 06:07AM

• Madonna fell off a horse while riding at photographer Steven Klein's house in Bridgehampton on Saturday. She wasn't seriously injured, but don't think for a minute she's taking any blame for the spill. Her flack blamed the accident on a rogue paparazzo who jumped out of the bushes and startled the horse, although both the photographer in question and the police don't share that account. [NYDN, NYP, E!]
Uma Thurman and Arpad Busson were rumored to be getting hitched in the Bahamas on Saturday, although there's still no word on whether any ceremony actually took place. [People, UPI]
• Has Lindsay Lohan gone straight? She was spotted "flirting relentlessly" with a group of guys including Leonardo DiCaprio at a club last week. [Sun]
• Rumor has it Naomi Campbell is thinking of moving to Moscow so she can be closer to boyfriend Vladislav Doronin. Say it isn't so! [DS]


cityfile · 03/24/09 09:37AM

Harvey Weinstein leaving the Waverly Inn with Blake Lively and Penn Badgley ... Hugh Jackman buying art supplies at Blick on Bond Street ... Jennifer Aniston getting in an SUV ... Philip Seymour Hoffman smoking a cigarette in the Village ... Vanessa Williams filming scenes for Ugly Betty on the Lower East Side ... Diane Kruger walking downtown ... Mariska Hargitay standing on the Law & Order set ... U2's The Edge walking with his wife, Morleigh Steinberg ... Celine Dion getting in an SUV outside her hotel ... Mario Lopez grabbing a taxi in front of Rockefeller Center ... and Kirsten Dunst watching a Rangers game at Madison Square Garden.

The 5 Types Of New Year's Eve Parties

Richard Lawson · 12/29/08 11:40AM

New Year's Eve—the most important drinking night of the year—is almost upon us! What kind of party are you going to? Only five types exist, which I will detail for you after the jump.

STV · 12/04/08 12:25PM

Hollywood PrivacyWatch: Holiday Travel Edition! 11/26 — Day before Thanksgiving, the hellmouth of the Southwest terminal at LAX — Starbucks and the CPK that gave me food poisoning that one time and some vendor that touts itself as "Organic." Picture this — MARIO LOPEZ. Alone, toting an overstuffed plastic bag and nondescript rolling luggage. He is... shiny, like his own wax sculpture came to life. Shock of all shocks, he's shorter in person and not nearly as buffed out as People Magazine would have you believe. But Mario travels in comfort, not style. Running suit. Velour. Midnight blue. Wow. [Hollywood PrivacyWatch is written by and for Defamer readers; send your sightings to]