Happy Birthday

cityfile · 06/19/09 06:30AM

Salman Rushdie turns 62 today. Buffed-up gym owner David Barton is 45. Money manager Mario Gabelli is turning 67. Model May Andersen turns 27. The Insider's Lara Spencer is 40. Joseph McShane, the president of Fordham University, is turning 60. Phylicia Rashad is turning 61. Actress Kathleen Turner turns 55. Attorney Helene Kaplan is 76. Interior designer David Netto is turning 40. Former financier and deputy mayor Ken Lipper is 68. Hugh Dancy, the actor and fiancé of Claire Danes, is turning 34. Zoe Saldana turns 31. Sadie Frost, the actress and ex-wife of Jude Law, is 44. And Paula Abdul is turning 47. Weekend birthdays after the jump!

Street Talk

cityfile · 08/08/08 05:04AM
  • The bill for the auction-rate securities mess is now adding up by the hour. Merrill Lynch, Citigroup, UBS, and Morgan Stanley have all contributed to to the tally. [Dealbook]

Mario Gabelli

cityfile · 02/03/08 09:32PM

Gabelli is chairman and CEO of Gabelli Asset Management. "Super Mario" is almost as well known to the general public as to the institutional investors who make up the lion's share of his backers, thanks to his frequent guest spots as a pundit on everything from CNBC to PBS.