U.S. Vet Jailed for Taking Guns to Mexico Says He Just Missed His Exit

Adam Weinstein · 05/06/14 04:45PM

A former combat Marine says he shouldn't be languishing in a Tijuana jail for crossing the Mexican border with three guns, because it was all a mistake: He was heading for a night out with his buddies in California, missed the last highway exit, and ended up Mexico-bound.

Adam Weinstein · 04/15/14 02:01PM

The top Marine who last week told Congress that pay cuts were good for discipline apologized to his troops in a letter for "a mistaken impression that I don't care about your quality of life and that I support lower pay for servicemembers." He then dropped them all and demanded 20 pushups.

Top Marine Says Pay Cuts Will Improve Discipline, Neck-Stomping Skills

Adam Weinstein · 04/10/14 09:37AM

Most military bigwigs might beg Congress not to reduce their troops' pay. But they're not the Marines' top enlisted man, who told a Senate panel to slash away Wednesday. His Marines could care less, he said, because they just "want to know into whose neck do we put a boot next."

"Marine Todd" Is an Awesomely Stupid Right-Wing Meme That Got Hijacked

Adam Weinstein · 03/31/14 12:55PM

It's the story of a man. A man who went to war. And then went to college. And then decked a godless shithead professor. It's a feel-good story! And it went viral among God-fearing Murkans. And then Twitter got hold of it. And then it got really good.

Marines Quietly Conclude That Women Sort of Suck at Doing Pullups

Adam Weinstein · 12/31/13 11:00AM

As the Marine Corps inches closer to permitting women into ground combat roles, the service is delaying its 2014 plan to require female Marines to do three pullups. The reason: Women haven't proven very good at the exercise so far.

Marine Arrested for Arranging Incestuous Sex with Minors

Lacey Donohue · 10/01/13 07:10PM

U.S. Marine Stephen Lewis, a private first class stationed at Camp Pendleton in southern California, was arrested two weeks ago after arranging to have sex with an entire family: a man, his 12-year-old son, and his 11-year-old daughter. The only problem with this plan (aside from everything) was that he arranged for the meeting with an undercover Department of Homeland Security agent on the incest website (note: these agents are “essential” employees during the shutdown).

Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Faggot: Inside Marine Corps Boot Camp

Hamilton Nolan · 05/21/13 12:08PM

What is Marine Corps boot camp really like? According to an email that a current recruit sent to a bunch of his friends, it's a lot of being called a "faggot" by your drill instructors. And, if you happen to be brown-skinned, a lot of being called "terrorist." Not to mention "beast mode" workouts.

Obama Can't Even Avoid the Rain Without Causing a Scandal

Gabrielle Bluestone · 05/18/13 09:59AM

This has not been Obama's month. And with scandals rising out of the State Department, the DOJ, and the IRS, it was really only a matter of time before the military got involved in some sort of cover-up too.