Life Releases Newly Discovered Marilyn Monroe Photos

The Cajun Boy · 06/01/09 08:35PM

In 1950 Life photographer Ed Clark received a call from an executive at 20th Century Fox lauding a "hot tomato" the studio had signed. She was an unknown named Marilyn Monroe. Clark photographed her later that year in Los Angeles' Griffith Park. Never-used negatives from the shoot were recently discovered.

Top-Earning Models, Fashion's Latest Recession Victim

cityfile · 05/28/09 07:28PM

Forbes's annual list of the highest-paid models is online and poor Gisele Bundchen has taken a blow: She's only made $25 million over the past year, down from $35 million the year before. Heidi Klum and Kate Moss were both up for the year, however, so it isn't all bad news, thank goodness. [Forbes]
• Speaking of Gisele, she is not pregnant, at least according to husband Tom Brady. [Us]
• Christian Lacroix's fashion house filed for bankruptcy in Paris today. [NYT]
Project Runway will be the same show it's always been when it finally returns to the air later this summer. [Cut]

Nude Marilyn Monroe Photos: The Gifts That Keep On Giving

Richard Lawson · 09/25/08 03:35PM

Over three days in June 1962, photographer Bert Stern took some 2,500 photos of actress Marilyn Monroe, just six weeks before she died. You know, the pictures where she's naked. The ones that inspired Lindsay Lohan to go nude for New York magazine (Stern shot those, too). They became the iconic images of Monroe, the Tragic Star, and Stern has been making bank on them since. Three days of work have essentially funded his entire life. And now he wants more! He's suing the men who ran the old magazine Eros, claiming he lent some of the photos from the collection (called The Last Sitting) and these gents never returned them. So he's demanding that the precious, irreplaceable photos be returned or, you know, they could just give him $700,000 and do whatever they want with 'em. Hell, either way he's asking for an additional $1,000,000 in punitive damages. (Man, 45 years after her death, the Marilyn economy is booming! Some dude in Australia just paid $14,500 for 2 1/2 minutes of Marilyn footage. That's 90-something dollars a second!) I think we can all learn a little something from Mr. Stern, who hasn't stopped working entirely, but cashed in early and never looked back (or, I guess you could say he looks back all the time). Someone will still be interested in hokey philosophical musings on The Hills in 40 years, right? 'Cause I don't have any savings.

Ann Curry Angers Alaskans, Virgin Islanders

Ryan Tate · 09/08/08 10:19AM
  • Today host Ann Curry moved during the national anthem at the Republican National Convention, because NBC hates freedom. Then she pointed at a nice lady from Alaska and yelled, because she is a terrorist. The Virgin Islands were also terribly offended. [P6]

Lindsay Lohan's New Fashion Line Handily Equipped With Kneepads For Fellow BJ Queens!

Molly Friedman · 07/14/08 02:05PM

As with any story involving Lindsay Lohan, we have good and bad news to report. We noted back in March that the queen of all things Lesbian Chic would finally follow in every other bored starlet's wobbly footsteps and design a clothing line. And, being the non-traditionalist that she is, Lohan intended on sticking to leggings. Which made sense, considering the practical usage of leggings when taking a walk of shame, in need of a secure and moisture-proof hiding place for substances, and stretching out one's legs while passed out in SUVs. And leave it to Lindsay to turn the otherwise boring piece of clothing into a racy collection of pieces custom-made for any girl looking for a comfy place to rest her knees mid-blow job. Not to mention a surefire way to slip on a pair of "ankle gloves" and alert every male within 30 miles just how eager you are to spread said ankles:

Defamer Interviews Harmony Korine: Bringing Michael Jackson and Skydiving Nuns Together at Last

STV · 05/02/08 03:15PM

It was a rough spring at the movies for compulsive watch-checkers like us, but we took consolation in knowing that a honest-to-God hero would be arriving come early May. What? No, not that wuss Iron Man, but rather Harmony Korine, whose new Mister Lonely marks the filmmaker's first writing-directing effort in nearly 10 years. And what a decade: Adrift in Paris, anchored in Nashville, survivor of two house fires, briefly reteaming with his Kids director Larry Clark on the teenagers-fucking milestone Ken Park, and ultimately conjuring Mister Lonely from a vision of nuns plunging from airplanes and the garish subculture of celebrity impersonators.

Public Denied Its Rightful Claim To Historic Celebrity-Political Sex Scandal

Hamilton Nolan · 04/15/08 11:52AM

Something that our modern age is not equipped to process: a man paying millions for a high-profile sex tape of a famous star, only to keep the thing secret. No special downloads available for $29.95. No DVDs, Cinemax licensing fees, or posters. But that's exactly what an anonymous and principled oddball memorabilia collector did this week when he paid $1.5 million for a 15-minute tape of tragically deceased starlet Marilyn Monroe giving a blow job to an unidentified man—who just might be tragically deceased president John F. Kennedy!

First As Tragedy, Second As Farce

Nick Denton · 03/05/08 10:11AM

As the great Karl Marx said, history repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce. It's a saying that applies quite perfectly to the recreation, by the sad old Village Voice, of a cover of New York magazine which was itself a recreation of a famous set of photos of the actress, Marilyn Monroe. New York's notorious cover featured a naked Lindsay Lohan, a troubled actress who's modeled herself on Marilyn Monroe, and was taken by the same photographer who captured the drug-addled mid-century star so shortly before her death. Village Voice's model? The faded weekly's 52-year-old gay gossip columnist, the owl-like* Michael Musto, whose natural shyness is only overcome by the sheer force of his desire for exposure. After the jump, an original image of Marilyn Monroe, framed by New York's cover, and this week's Voice.

Cover Homage To Marilyn Monroe; Lindsay Lohan's Done It Before

Nick Denton · 02/20/08 01:42PM

An inspired move by New York to play on Lindsay Lohan's obsession with Marilyn Monroe. Adam Moss' magazine scored one of the big web hits of the week, by persuading the Hollywood actress to strip for the same photographer who took the last, erotic photographs of Monroe before she committed suicide. Like I said, inspired. But not very original, it turns out. If Lindsay Lohan was paying homage to the mid-century bombshell, New York should have explained that it was itself paying homage to rival Vanity Fair. In 2006, Lohan channeled her alter ego in a spread for Graydon Carter's magazine. The styling? Borrowed from the first pictures of a 19-year-old Marilyn Monroe, at the beach in a white bathing suit. To think that, only two years ago, Lohan could play the ingenue without ridicule; now she's more credible as a washed-up actress on suicide watch. (Clockwise from top left: the early Marilyn, by photographer Andre De Dienes; Vanity Fair's February 2006 cover; this week's New York; and, the inspiration, the mid-century actress' "last sitting" with Bert Stein. Below: larger photos.)