The 13 Most Powerful Images of Naked Celebrities of 2012

Max Read · 12/05/12 03:55PM

Yesterday, all by ourselves, without no inspiration whatsoever, we brought you the 19 Most Powerful Images of 2012. But we have to ask: was 2012 about "inspiring," "powerful" images? Or was it about celebrity nude photos naked nude sex tape topless? Looking back across the year, we can say, definitely, 2012's biggest story was nude topless celebrities download here for sex tapes.

Watch Lady Gaga Play Marilyn Monroe to Bill Clinton's JFK

Max Read · 10/16/11 10:02AM

"I'm having my first real Marilyn moment," Lady Gaga told the crowd at the "Decade of Difference" concert (celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Clinton Foundation) last night after wishing Bill Clinton a happy birthday and before launching into a rendition of "Bad Romance" cleverly retitled "Bill Romance." (Technically, the former president's birthday is in August.) That seemed to be where the "Marilyn moment" ended, as far as we know, though President Clinton seemed to enjoy it nonetheless: "I got nervous when Gaga said she was planning to have a Marilyn moment and I thought 'I will have a heart attack for my 65th birthday.'" [Yahoo]

My Week With Marilyn: Introducing Michelle Williams

Richard Lawson · 10/06/11 09:58AM

Here's a trailer for the "true life" movie My Week With Marilyn, a sexy drama about Marilyn Monroe visiting London for the first time and having a brief dalliance with a cow-eyed young man. Looks good?

Ashton Kutcher's 'Butt Naked' Hot Tub Party with Four Ladies

Maureen O'Connor · 10/04/11 10:59AM

Ashton Kutcher's cheating scandal spirals into group hot tub nudism. Johnny Depp says being photographed "feels like you're being raped." Puff Daddy gets into a nightclub shouting match. Lindsay Lohan forgets her bra. Tuesday gossip promises to repeat.

Is a Rihanna Sex Tape Coming Soon?

Maureen O'Connor · 08/25/11 11:20AM

Is a Rihanna-J. Cole sex tape about to come out? Does Lindsay Lohan really think she is "just like Marilyn" Monroe? Christina Aguilera freaks over a child abuse rumor. Lady Gaga starts a fashion line with her sister. Thursday gossip has lecherous intents.

Old Hollywood Costumes May Be the World's Only Sound Investment

Brian Moylan · 06/20/11 05:25PM

At an auction of actress Debbie Reynolds' collection of old Hollywood costumes this weekend, someone purchased the famous Marilyn Monroe "subway dress" from the movie The Seven Year Itch for $4.6 million, which was well above the pre-sale estimate of $1-$2 million. In fact, all the clothes sold for prices well above what was predicted.

Here's the Random Girl Who Just K.O.'d Half of Young Hollywood

Richard Lawson · 08/16/10 04:41PM

Finally, after months of jostling and competition and speculation, they've gone and cast the lead girl for that buzzed-about Dragon Tattoo movie. Let's never speak of it again. Also today: Clint Eastwood news, X-Men casting, and Angelina Jolie as Marilyn?