Tax Weed, Save the Homeless

Hamilton Nolan · 07/13/16 08:30AM

Life is not all about sitting around “getting high” and daydreaming about saving the world and having hot sex at the same time. Life is about tax policy—that’s where the action is.

Canada to Legalize It

Hamilton Nolan · 04/20/16 04:20PM

Chilly but civilized American neighbor Canada announced today that it plans to legalize weed by this time next year.

Brendan O'Connor · 11/01/15 11:16PM

“Pro-marijuana group ResponsibleOhio introduced its new mascot to supporters this week... Part Superman, part cannabis plant, ‘Buddie’ has a green marijuana bud for a head, sports six-pack abs and wears a cape. On his chest: The letter B over a cannabis leaf and the state of Ohio.”

Hamilton Nolan · 08/26/15 03:23PM

“They packed the bowl of the pipe (the terminology of which I found on reddit), and showed me how to smoke it properly.” America’s least cool 23-year-old tries weed (slang for marijuana).

Cops Say Video of Them Mocking a Disabled Woman Violates Their Privacy

Ashley Feinberg · 08/04/15 02:03PM

This past June, three Santa Ana police officers were suspended after a video surfaced of them joking about kicking a woman in a wheelchair “in the fucking nub” and eating (what appears to be) weed-infused edibles during a raid of a medical marijuana dispensary. And now, those same cops want to ban that video from ever becoming evidence—because they didn’t realize they were on camera.

Brendan O'Connor · 05/10/15 03:51PM

“Even as more states embrace legal marijuana, shops say they are being forced to pay crippling federal income taxes because of a decades-old law aimed at preventing drug dealers from claiming their smuggling costs and couriers as business expenses on their tax returns.” Taxman harshing your mellow? You’re not alone.

Rich Bastards Love Tobacco Stocks

Hamilton Nolan · 05/06/15 09:35AM

People who buy stocks in alcohol, tobacco, gambling, or (new!) marijuana companies are said to be investing in “vice”—traditionally a good way to earn premium returns in exchange for being a morally bad human. Who are these successful bastard investors?

Congress Can't Even Kill Legal Weed Right

Gabrielle Bluestone · 02/10/15 12:45PM

The entire fate of Washington, DC's legalized marijuana program apparently rests on the statutory definition of one word: "enactment."