The Davids (Finally) Settle

cityfile · 07/17/09 10:59AM

Marie Douglas-David, the Swedish countess who's been embroiled in one of the nastiest divorces in recent memory, has finally settled her long-running legal dispute with George David, the chairman of United Technologies. In addition to the $45 million she got as part of postnup, she's expected to collect another $10 million or so, which means she'll walk away with about $21,000 for every day the Davids were married. [NYP]

Clooney Loses it, Lindsay's Life Gets Even Messier

cityfile · 05/13/09 06:20AM

• George Clooney went out to celebrate his 48th birthday last week, had too much to drink, and ended up hurling in the VIP area. Clooney denies it was him, though, and says he was just "sitting next to someone who did throw up." [NYDN]
• Cops were called to Lindsay Lohan's house yesterday after a security alarm sounded and officers initially thought the house had been ransacked. It turns out Lindsay always keeps her house that way, which means in addition to everything else, she probably could use a good housekeeper, too. [TMZ]
• Marie Douglas-David has been embroiled in a nasty divorce with her elderly husband George David. Now she has a new man. She's dating a Swedish financier named Johan Saxon, and he's only seven years older than her. [P6]
Lydia Hearst is going topless—again—in a new movie with Jason Behr. [P6]

Countess Raped Me, Husband Says

Ryan Tate · 03/25/09 05:39AM

Why would a rich guy sleep with his trophy wife and another woman? Because he's a lying cheat? Or because his uncontrollable Swedish bride knew he was leaving but took his body anyway?

Countess Marie's Jail Cell on Park

cityfile · 03/24/09 08:43AM

Marie Douglas-David's bitter divorce from United Technologies chairman George David is going to haunt us for weeks, it seems. Just when you think the couple might take a cue from the grim economic climate—and overwhelmingly negative press coverage—and, like, chill, comes another round of craziness.

Countess Divorcée Needs $53K a Week, Minimum

Hamilton Nolan · 03/20/09 08:47AM

Some people's entire lives were created just to help the tabloids stoke class warfare. There's no other explanation for Swedish countess Marie Douglas-David, who needs $53K per week just to survive. She can prove it!

Too Much Is Never Enough

cityfile · 03/19/09 09:14AM

Millions of Americans are struggling on account of the crappy economy, but can we all take a minute to reflect on the especially difficult situation in which Marie Douglas-David now finds herself? The Swedish countess, former investment banker, and estranged wife of United Technologies chairman George David appeared in divorce court yesterday and started things off by asking a judge to toss out the $36 million postnup she signed, since that kind of chump change will "barely last her a decade," and it's not like she can go out and get another finance job or anything what with her husband's constant ridicule having "diminished her self-confidence." She's now asking for a larger cut of David's $300 million fortune, but maybe a new career for Douglas-David isn't out of the realm of possibility. David's lawyer said that the countess constantly subjected her husband to long lectures on "how he held his fork or how he drafted invitations." And isn't that how Martha Stewart got started? [NYP]

Marie Douglas-David, Trophy Wife on a Mission

cityfile · 12/19/08 09:57AM

The next time someone tells you you're high maintenance, point them in the direction of Marie Douglas-David, the estranged wife of United Technologies chairman George David. The Swedish countess and former employee of Lazard Asset Management is asking her elderly husband—he's three decades her senior—to cough up $53,000 a week to pay for her living expenses, including $8,000 for travel, $4,500 for clothing, and $600 for weekly flower deliveries. (Oh, and she'd also like to hang on to the couple's 10,000-square-foot penthouse at 740 Park Avenue.) It's reassuring to hear that the economic meltdown hasn't disrupted everyone's spending habits. We were beginning to worry! [NYP]