Who Is Pippa Middleton's Mystery Man Friend?

Brian Moylan · 11/28/11 11:16AM

Pippa Middleton steps out with two, yes two, boys at once. J.Lo had a lovely holiday with her new hunk. Jennifer Aniston and her beau nearly ran into Brad Pitt. Justin Bieber's fake babymomma's ex boyfriend is causing drama. Monday's gossip needs relationship advice.

Justin Bieber Ain't Worried About His Baby Mama Drama

Brian Moylan · 11/23/11 12:20PM

Justin Bieber admits he took a DNA test to see if that baby is actually his. Angelina Jolie is into some kinky stuff. Britney Spears has a hard, hard life. Howard Stern thinks he and America both have talent. Wednesday's gossip is on the 4:07 to New Haven.

Bieber's Alleged Baby Mama to Friend: 'I'll Kick U When We Get Paid'

Lauri Apple · 11/17/11 04:53AM

Text-messaging: It's so convenient! But also so inappropriate in certain social situations—like when proposing marriage, proposing divorce, proposing, am I missing one? Oh yes, this one: When telling friends to erase text messages that might derail your Justin Bieber-related baby scheme. Looking at U, Mariah Yeater.

Bieber Will Disprove His Daddyhood With DNA

Lauri Apple · 11/06/11 05:58PM

To end these terrible falsehoods about fatherhood once and for all, beloved boy wonder Justin Bieber will give up some of his sacred DNA and (presumably) prove stuntwoman Mariah Yeater to be a trouble-making lying-liar-lady. The test will take place in two weeks, TMZ reports. It won't be broadcast live on pay-per-view for only $49.95, we're pretty sure.

Woman Claiming to Have Bieber's Baby Already Tried Stunt on Ex

Max Read · 11/05/11 01:21PM

Justin Bieber's not the first person who's been accused of fathering Mariah Yeater's baby. Kate Middleton is already the subject of pregnancy rumors. And after firing everyone else, Hilary Swank gets fired herself. Saturday gossip is highly intelligent, very wise.

Justin Bieber's 30-Second First Time Results in Pregnancy, Allegedly

Max Read · 11/01/11 09:13PM

Justin Bieber just took another step on the long path to teen pop-star irrelevancy: the paternity lawsuit! And it's a juicy one, too—the woman filing suit claims she took Bieber's virginity, in a bathroom backstage, and gave birth to a baby boy three months ago.