Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Still Talking About Being a Bad, Bad Man

Louis Peitzman · 10/01/12 10:19PM

Former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is in the middle of his "I Got the Maid Pregnant and Wrote a Book About It" press tour, during which he's been candid with interviewers about his inner turmoil. (Yes, when your wife starts asking about your illegitimate son, things get rocky.)

Detox Seizure Might Have Killed Amy Winehouse

Max Read · 09/10/11 01:59PM

Amy Winehouse might have died while trying to get her life in order. Arnold and Maria have an awkward run-in. Miley Cyrus is just "explor[ing] sexuality," and Justin Bieber wants to settle down. Saturday gossip would probably eat bananas dipped in ketchup.

Arnold Wears 'I Survived Maria' T-Shirt

Maureen O'Connor · 08/08/11 04:03PM

The Schwarzenegger-Shriver divorce just crossed the threshold from "slightly tense" to "blatantly bellicose." (Playfully bellicose?) Arnold went biking in an "I SURVIVED MARIA" t-shirt on Sunday, TMZ reports.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Shacking Up Already

Lauri Apple · 07/23/11 11:36AM

Jennifer Aniston and her still quite new man go house-hunting. Arnold Schwarzenegger just signs whatever papers are in front of him. Lindsay Lohan partied with the Muscle Milk people at a beach. Today's Gossip Roundup is acting irresponsibly.

Rihanna Concert Goes Up in Flames and Other Disasters

Max Read · 07/10/11 10:28AM

Rihanna's concert in Dallas burst into flames! David Letterman's set was broken in to by a vandal! Some women didn't recognize Kellan Lutz! The Royals met Jack Black! Sunday gossip is filled with stories of doom and disaster!

Will and Kate Arrive in Los Angeles and Other Welcomes

Max Read · 07/09/11 10:29AM

Will and Kate are exploring Los Angeles. Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart are adding another person to their threesome. Octomom gets in a fight with Wilma Flintstone. Saturday gossip is bringing all of its kids on the plane!

Maria Shriver Files for Divorce

Remy Stern · 07/01/11 05:39PM

Maria Shriver served Arnold Schwarzenegger with divorce papers today. Shriver's requesting spousal support and joint custody of the couple's two younger kids. And because the two apparently never signed a prenup, she stands to walk away with nine figures, too.

Andrew Garfield Is Romancing the Stone

Maureen O'Connor · 06/24/11 10:30AM

Spiderman costars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone might be banging. Cory Monteith was a teen junkie. Heidi Klum gets naked. LiLo plans her first post-imprisonment par-tay. TGIFriday gossip.

Did Maria Shriver Leak the News of Arnold's Love Child to the Tabloids?

Maureen O'Connor · 05/24/11 10:12AM

Maria Shriver may have leaked her husband's affair to the media. Two newspapers published photos of Arnold's tween love child—and in one pic he's holding a can of beer. Christina Hendricks describes her "obviously real" breasts. Lindsay Lohan shows off her right breast for the cameras. Tuesday gossip gets sleazy.

Schwarzenegger's Alleged Mistress Count Continues to Rise

Maureen O'Connor · 05/20/11 11:05AM

Arnold's former underage fling describes several other affairs, one of which Maria supposedly knew about. The Brangelina brood makes a "giant mess" in Cannes. Lea Michele throws a tantrum over a dress. It's TGIFriday gossip.

Terminator On Hold Until Further Notice

Seth Abramovitch · 05/19/11 09:35PM

This just in: The Marriagenator has just issued a statement, soberly delivered by Wolf Blitzer. Shh! This is important. It's about his career!