Lacey Donohue · 11/14/13 09:53PM

[The Swarovski Star was raised to the top of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree Thursday in New York City. Originally created for the tree in 2004, the star features 25,000 crystals, weighs 550 pounds, and has been unveiled by very important Americans including Blake Lively, Fergie, and Maria Menounos. Image by Diane Bondareff via AP]


cityfile · 11/18/09 11:13AM

Supermodel Karolina Kurkova and fiance Archie Drury walking in Tribeca with their new baby ... Daniel Day-Lewis leaving the Plaza Hotel ... Uma Thurman walking her dogs downtown ... Halle Berry leaving Morandi after having lunch ... Elijah Wood carrying lunch on the set of The Romantics on Long Island ... Sandra Bullock walking into her hotel ... Fergie leaving her hotel ... Hugh Jackman jogging downtown and later taking daughter Ava for ice cream ... Taylor Momsen filming scenes for Gossip Girl with Chace Crawford ... Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban holding hands outside their apartment building ... Heidi Montag leaving the Waverly Inn.... and Maria Menounos riding in a pedicab in Midtown because she supposedly couldn't find a cab.


cityfile · 10/21/09 08:25AM

Uma Thurman leaving her townhouse in the West Village ... Jude Law in the East Village shopping for Halloween costumes with his kids ... Hilary Duff shooting scenes for The Business of Falling in Love on Sixth Avenue ... Rihanna leaving a recording studio ... Hugh Jackman hanging out with his wife and daughter in the West Village ... Cyndi Lauper filming scenes for Celebrity Apprentice outside Burger Heaven on Lexington Avenue ... Maria Menounos watching a Knicks game at Madison Square Garden ... Tatum O'Neal walking to the set of Sweet Lorraine ... Darryl Strawberry talking on a cell phone outside his hotel ... Ed Westwick standing outside the Empire Hotel ... Lindsay Lohan leaving a building in the Garment District ... and Sarah Jessica Parker leaving her West Village townhouse with son James en route to the airport.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 06/08/09 06:34AM

Joan Rivers turns 76 today. Kanye West is 32. Actress Julianna Margulies is turning 43. TV host Maria Menounos is turning 31. Jerry Stiller is 82. Model Irina Lazareanu turns 27. Barneys fashion director Julie Gilhart is turning 51. CBS exec JoAnn Ross turns 56. Legendary artist LeRoy Neiman is 88. Tech pioneer Tim Berners-Lee is turning 54. Nancy Sinatra, the daughter of Frank, is 69. Tennis star Lindsay Davenport is turning 33. And former first lady Barbara Bush celebrates her 84th birthday today.

Lindsay Lohan Filled With Pride Over Nation's 'First Colored President'

Kyle Buchanan · 11/11/08 04:02PM

Though Lindsay Lohan has recently revealed herself to be a stickler for semantics, we have a feeling there's a word or two in her recent interview with Access Hollywood that she might want to take back right around now.Maria Menounos quizzed the part-time actress on her reaction to Barack Obama's historic victory, and Lohan (clearly still reeling from the use of Homer Simpson's makeup gun) obliged with warm, hoarse words about "our nation's first colored president." That is maybe not how we would have put it, but neither would we have starred in the Chris Parnell vehicle Labor Pains. Someone's gotta be at the vanguard! Clip below:

Fashion Week: The Economic Rationale For Partying Like a Rockstar

Elizabeth Currid · 09/04/07 12:55PM

You read Us Weekly for the articles. You can't help but be interested in what Lindsay Lohan snorted, ran her car into or slept with this week. But, you went to college, you read the new Chabons and Lethems as soon as they come out! You're not a vapid person! Good news: Celebrity is not only a major driver of the economy, it's a subject worthy of academic scrutiny. University of Southern California professor Elizabeth Currid, PhD., explains the sociology of fame and pop culture.

Shortly After Their Encounter, Big Bird Gave Up The Juicy Details Of An On-Set Brawl Between Snuffleupagus And Cookie Monster

mark · 10/13/06 11:34AM

A tense moment passed between Access Hollywood's Maria Menounos and Big Bird, when the Sesame Street star began to suspect that the reporter's wandering hand was engaged less in the sensual caress that he demanded than in a fumbling search for his rapidly engorging avian member. But an impatient Bird decided to put a quick end to her amateurish attempts at manual stimulation by gently, but firmly, placing a three-fingered hand on her back and guiding her head downward; the tension quickly dissipated as the star finally relaxed and Menounos went about her task, quietly telling herself that the exclusive interview he'd deliver would be worth the temporary discomfort of a face full of yellow feathers.

Gossip Roundup: Al Reynolds' After-Hours Boys Club

Jessica · 08/04/06 11:20AM

• A gentleman caller comes looking for Star Jones' "husband" Al Reynolds at 4 AM and rings the wrong buzzer (thus the whole world knows). Also not helping Al's case: running around in Spandex. [Page Six]
• Mel Gibson doesn't hate Jews who are female, 23-years-old, and "fetching." [R&M]
• Penelope Cruz, always willing to lend her name and questionable credibility to Tom Cruise, claims to have seen "beautiful" baby Suri. [AP]
• Maria Menounos: the next Cindy Adams? [Page Six]
• Brad Pitt sings about how he wishes he worked in Midtown. The man's intelligence is just stunning. [Us Weekly]