Disgraced Former South Carolina Governor Engaged to Ex-Mistress, Proves True Love Is Real

Taylor Berman · 08/26/12 08:16PM

Remember Mark Sanford? He was the South Carolina governor who disappeared for five days a few years back to go have sex with his Argentine mistress in Buenos Aires but told campaign aides that he was on the Appalachian Trial, doing whatever it is people do when they're on the Appalachian Trail. Anyway, it turns out Sanford was right to abandon his state and wife and family to go have sex in Buenos Aires because now he and the mistress, TV reporter Maria Belen Chapur, are getting married. As CNN reports:

Mark Sanford Bitchslaps Soulmate In Open Letter

Aaron Coleman · 07/19/09 12:45PM

In a groveling open letter, Gov. Mark Sanford calls his whole affair his "funeral," negating all the warm fuzzies his sultry Argentinian shoved-under-the-rug soulmate felt from his love letters. Those flames of love burn, baby, burn.

Getting to Know Maria

John Cook · 06/25/09 01:20PM

It turns out that María Belén Chapur/Shapur, the woman identified by the Argentinian press as Gov. Mark Sanford's mistress, does not work for an agribusiness concern called Bunge y Born, after all. So we really know nothing about her, still.