James Franco Is a Drag Queen Cover Girl

Maureen O'Connor · 10/06/10 09:11AM

James Franco poses for a transvestite magazine. Kim Kardashian is "down for some hookups." Michael Lohan tries to visit Lindsay and gets rejected. Freak escalator accident nearly kills Bruce Willis. Wednesday gossip is full of surprises.

Who's Who on the New Cast of Dancing With the Stars

Max Read · 08/30/10 10:48PM

Dancing With the Stars, ABC's reality competition about alleged celebrities, who dance, has announced the cast for its 11th season, which premieres in late September. But who are these "stars"? And what, exactly, are they "famous" for?

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 12/04/09 08:19AM

Author/socialite Plum Sykes and her twin sister, fashion designer/socialite Lucy Sykes Rellie are turning 40 today. Jay-Z is celebrating his 40th birthday, too. Tyra Banks turns 36. Marisa Tomei is turning 45. Saturday Night Live's Fred Armisen is 43. Actor Jeff Bridges is 60. Ugly Betty's Kevin Sussman is 39. Former porn star Nikki Tyler is 37. And former game show host Wink Martindale turns 75 today. A handful of weekend birthdays are below.

The Ulcer-Inducing Career Updates of Lindsay Lohan

Foster Kamer · 10/25/09 11:00AM

Lindsay Lohan's career brings out the worst in Jewish Mother impulses. Brad Pitt busts himself up on a motorcycle, LADIES. The Rock shows true colors: stone cold asshole. Sienna Miller, Roman Polanski, Morrissey, Musicals: presenting your Sunday Morning Gossip Roundup:

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 12/05/08 07:39AM

It's Amanda Lepore's birthday today! At least we think it's her birthday and we think she's 41, but she's been known to fool people before. Others celebrating today: Margaret Cho is 40. The New Yorker's Calvin Trillin is 73. Novelist Joan Didion is turning 74. Little Richard is 76. Knicks center Eddy Curry is 26. Child star Frankie Muniz turns 23. Actor Nick Stahl is turning 29. And model Shalom Harlow is 35. Weekend birthdays after the jump.

Margaret Cho Still Desires X-Rated Eskimo Kiss From 'Ultimate Misogynist' Sarah Palin

Kyle Buchanan · 09/23/08 03:50PM

Last time we checked in on Margaret Cho's Myspace, the comedienne was opining (as celebrities are wont to do) on vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin — namely, how Cho would erotically "steam up those glasses" should the two ever meet in a voting booth tete-a-tete straight out of Penthouse magazine. Some fans cried foul, accusing Cho of sexism, so she retired to her blog today to push the envelope even further while blaming others for anti-woman rhetoric:

Margaret Cho on Sarah Palin... Literally

Kyle Buchanan · 09/18/08 04:30PM

Though financial doom has pushed superstar vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin off the front page of the news for now, celebrities (who regard the economy as little more than a cute diversion for the poor) are still as gripped with Palin-mania as ever. Now, hot on the heels of stars like Matt Damon, Lindsay Lohan, and Brooke Hogan, it's Margaret Cho's turn to opine on the veep choice, and though she's spilled copious amounts of e-ink on her Myspace blog to lobby against the Republican ticket, today found the comedienne in a state of confused ardor:

Smack Talk

Hamilton Nolan · 08/24/08 02:25PM

Comedian Margaret Cho to recent Radar draftee Choire Sicha: "I don't do drugs, but to me it's just funny to talk about doing drugs all the time." It's so true. [LAT]

Margaret Cho Disgusted At Jack Black's Linens-Deficient Lifestyle

Seth Abramovitch · 08/20/08 08:00PM

· Seriously—one towel, Jack Black? We can't even get one towel to stay securely wrapped around our waist after a shower; do you just wrap it around your head like a turban and prance around the house air-drying? What are we saying. Of course you do. [The Cho Show] · You know, we didn't want to say it—but that All Growed Up feature on TMZ has felt a little phoned in as of late. [Jossip] · You've thrilled to A Very Brady Gangbang, now enjoy a similar blaspheming of your favorite monster family in This Ain't The Munsters XXX. Be sure to browse the gallery. [Munsters XXX] · You've waited long enough: Ladies and gentlemen, Sanjaya's Nationwide commercial debuted today. [Nationwide] · Finally, someone has mapped out The Periodic Table of Awesoments. [Dapperstache]

Gay Gossip Blogger Was 9/11 Scam Fugitive

Ryan Tate · 07/30/08 05:10AM

If you're a fugitive from justice, probably one of the last things you want to do is start a video blog like Patric Ian Henn's "Boy About Town." Although he allegedly skipped out on a 12-year probation sentence, Henn peppered his Los Angeles-focused blog with videos of himself interviewing various minor celebrities at local events. After just 52 posts, including many with pictures of himself, Henn is now apparently headed back to prison, adding to the two years he already served for conning $68,000 from the Red Cross by posing as the lover of someone killed in the 9/11 attacks. Between that scam and the blog, it's clear Henn craves attention, even if it means exploiting the suffering of others. Unlike, say, the rest of us bloggers! After the jump, Henn's cringey interview with (very patient!) comedian Margaret Cho.

Margaret Cho Reveals Plans To Become 70-Year-Old Tattoo Lady

Seth Abramovitch · 03/20/08 08:11PM

· On The Ellen DeGeneres Show today, Margaret Cho explains how she avoids the knife in favor of the needle. [Ellen]
· HBO orders a pilot from the Mr. Show guys. [THR]
· Is the Guitar Hero party over? [Idolator]
· Squint a little and you'll get a picture of what Jakeypoo Gyllenhaal will look like in his 50s. [ONTD]
· You'd think someone 81-years-old with the wherewithal to build himself a "suicide robot" from the ground up would have something to live for. Also: Wouldn't it be more accurate to just call it a "murder robot?" [Times Online]
· Behold the one Jared Leto poster that will not be adorning your 30 Seconds To Mars-groupie daughter's wall. []

Ass Master

Richard Lawson · 03/06/08 03:55PM

Gays and lesbians nationwide will dance and skip and sing joyful madrigals, because comedienne and queer icon Margaret Cho is getting her own reality show.

Seth Abramovitch · 01/18/08 07:50PM

From one Queer comic to another, Ellen, Margaret Cho wants you to know that she loves you. Adores you. She just refuses to do your show: "[B]ecause of the way that I was raised, because my political views are they way they are, because I believe that workers should have the power and the ability to make their lives better, because many of my close friends are the ones picketing, I cannot cross the picket line." Fine, Margaret. Take a stand—see if Ellen cares. No dancing for you! [HuffPo]