Fifty Years After the March, White People Are Still a Disgrace

Tom Scocca · 08/29/13 01:00PM

The white guy was looking up at the TV in a rest stop on the Jersey Turnpike. Onscreen, the news was showing John Lewis speaking at the anniversary of the March on Washington. "I am not going to stand by and let the Supreme Court take the right to vote away from us," Lewis said. The white guy in the rest stop glared at the TV, then looked around the dining space. What's he TALKING about? he asked his family or the air, the world around him. He was seething; he wanted to be heard. He HAS the right to vote.

Here, On Its 50th Anniversary: the Entire "I Have a Dream" Speech

Max Read · 08/28/13 07:06AM

Fifty years ago today, hundreds of thousands of people gathered in Washington, D.C. to march for the civil and economic rights of African Americans. There, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave what is likely the most famous speech of the 20th century. Here it is in its entirety.