Chelsea Clinton's Husband Fucked Up

Ashley Feinberg · 05/11/16 12:35PM

Marc Mezvinsky, husband to Chelsea Clinton and occasionally successful hedge fund manager, thought it would be a good idea to bet on the Greek economy a few years ago. But unfortunately for him and the rest of his firm, it was not. Mr. Chelsea Clinton has fucked up.

Snooki Officially Retires Her Pouf

Maureen O'Connor · 09/14/10 08:54AM

Snooki sings a requiem for her coiffure of yore. Penelope Cruz confirms her pregnancy. Montana Fishburne is going to rehab. Chelsea Clinton averts her eyes from her husband. Come revel in the delights of Tuesday gossip.

The Chelsea Clinton Wedding Roundup

Jeff Neumann · 08/01/10 10:38AM

The big day for Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky came and went, and we're sifting through the most important details, like who wore what (Vera Wang! Burberry!), which famous people were there (Ted Danson!), and more. Wedding mania continues!

Chelsea Gets Hitched

Remy Stern · 07/31/10 09:45PM

Chelsea Clinton tied the knot with Marc Mezvinsky in front of 500 guests this evening in Rhinebeck, NY. Details about the event are still emerging, but you'll find the first few photos of the interfaith ceremony conducted this evening below.

Tiger's Admission; Bill Clinton's Seal of Approval

cityfile · 12/02/09 07:40AM

• Tiger Woods released a statement this morning: "I have let my family down and I regret those transgressions with all of my heart. I have not been true to my values and the behavior my family deserves. [TMZ]
• One thing that may have pushed Tiger to finally issue the apology: While Rachel Uchitel didn't want to cop to hooking up with Woods, two other women turned up to take her place yesterday. A 24-year-old waitress named Jaimee Grubbs appeared with tawdry text messages from Woods to back up her story. (Sample: "I will wear you out!") And a Vegas club manager came out to say she's been having an affair with him "for some time." [Us, NYP, NYDN]
• Tiger won't face criminal charges for crashing his SUV outside his Florida home. He's getting a traffic ticket and may pay a $164 fine. [Us]
• Bill Clinton is pumped his daughter Chelsea is marrying investment banker Marc Mezvinsky because, Bill says, Marc is a "great human being." Not only that, but when Hillary is traveling, Chelsea and Marc take pity on poor old Bill and take him to dinner and the movies. [People]
• Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich just bought a $90 million estate in St. Barts and now everyone is expecting him to throw the "It" Christmas party of the year. No word on whether the Salahis were invited. Not that the lack of an invite will stop them from attending anyway, of course. [P6]

Chelsea Engaged

cityfile · 11/30/09 08:00AM

Remember all those rumors that Chelsea Clinton was going to marry her longtime boyfriend, Marc Mezvinsky, in Martha's Vineyard this past summer? That never happened, of course, but the couple is now officially one step closer to tying the knot. Clinton and Mezvinsky sent out an email on Friday to announce they're engaged. [ABC News]

DJ AM's Death, Chelsea Wedding Rumors

cityfile · 08/31/09 06:06AM

• DJ AM's overdose on Friday appears to have been accidental, according to law enforcement sources who spoke with TMZ. It seems the celeb DJ, who claimed he'd been sober for 11 years, only started using drugs again after he was prescribed anti-anxiety and pain meds following his plane crash last year. [TMZ, NYDN]
• Those rumors that Chelsea Clinton plans to marry boyfriend Marc Mezvinsky in Martha's Vineyard this summer are heating up again. A large tent and stage have been set up in the area, although no one's sure if it's for the Clinton wedding. [P6]
• Joan Rivers says Libyan leader Moammar Khadafy was thinking about renting her Fifth Avenue apartment for $200K a week, but recently changed his mind. The upshot? Rivers won't have to worry about the dictator "roasting cows in her living room." [P6]

Chelsea Clinton Mezvinsky?

cityfile · 06/08/09 09:07AM

Is Chelsea Clinton getting married this summer? Rumors that former first daughter plans to tie the knot with longtime boyfriend Marc Mezvinsky in the near future first surfaced in late March, and although the Clinton family has steadfastly denied the reports since then, "well-connected residents" of Martha's Vineyard" now say the wedding is planned for late August at the home of Vernon Jordan, the Democratic power broker and top exec at Lazard. (Previously, it had been reported that the wedding might take place at the Martha's Vineyard home of Ted Danson.) The Clintons still maintain it's not happening, although if you have plans to be on Martha's Vineyard at the end of August—which is when the Obamas are expected to be on the island—you'd be well advised to take precautions and make alternate vacation arrangements as soon as possible. [NYM]

Costume Institute Drama, Chelsea Wedding Rumors

cityfile · 05/04/09 06:23AM

• It wouldn't be fashion's biggest night without a bit of drama thrown in to spice things up. Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, and Christy Turlington are reportedly skipping the Costume Institute gala this evening, possibly because Kate Moss was chosen to co-chair the event; meanwhile, Karl Lagerfeld, Azzedine Alaia, and Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are all staying home, perhaps because Marc Jacobs has "commandeered the event" by buying two tables and dressing Moss, Madonna, and Kerry Washington. [P6]
• The Chelsea Clinton wedding rumors continue: The Boston Globe reports the former first daughter and Marc Mezvinsky may get hitched at Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen's home on Martha's Vineyard in August, which is when the Obamas will be in town, too. [BG, NYDN]
• Kelly Killoren Bensimon says picking on her has become "the new recession vocation." Sounds about right. [R&M]

Is Chelsea Planning a Wedding?

cityfile · 03/31/09 01:19PM

The always reliable National Enquirer is reporting that Chelsea Clinton plans to tie the knot with boyfriend Marc Mezvinsky "in a lavish $1 million dream wedding" this summer. Of course, she hasn't even announced she's engaged yet, so you may want to take this news with a grain of salt. But you'll be happy to hear that the timing is "perfect" now that Chelsea's mom is "settling into her position as secretary of state," and Marc's father, former Iowa congressman Ed Mezvinsky, "has been released from a halfway house after serving time for investment fraud." Sounds ideal, actually. [NE]

Are Madonna & Guy Really Calling It Quits?

cityfile · 10/15/08 05:41AM

♦ Are Madonna and Guy Ritchie really divorcing? It might be another rumor or really a Sun exclusive, but the British tabloid says they plan to announce the split as soon as today. [The Sun]
Christie Brinkley is suing Peter Cook for violating the couple's confidentiality agreement by talking about their relationship on 20/20. [NYP]
♦ The "mystery illness" that's caused Janet Jackson to cancel tour dates is supposedly a vestibular migraine, which "induces the sensation of vertigo." The good news is that now she's apparently cured. [ET]
♦ Raffaello Follieri's lawyers yesterday asked a judge to "go easy" on Raffaello in exchange for his quick return to Italy where he'll "never be heard from again." Ha! [NYDN]
♦ The 40-year-old CEO of a company called Future Tech Enterprise on Long Island is actually paying $20,000 to box Michael Lohan. And Stephen Baldwin is now planning to serve as the match judge. [Newsday via NYO]