Everyone Is a Terrible Sexist In This Saturday Night Live Anecdote

Ryan Tate · 10/19/11 03:07PM

If you ever need to convince someone that show business is a chauvinist boys club, just play them this clip explaining how, sometime in the 1990s, Saturday Night Live executive producer Lorne Michaels wanted to install a woman as Weekend Update anchor for the first time in a decade, but abandoned the idea after his hero Steve Martin said "some broad" had "fucked everything up" when co-hosting an awards show with him.

Googlers Do No Actual Work, Says Spy

Ryan Tate · 07/19/11 01:22PM

It's apparently a lazy summer at Google, where employees are so busy with food trucks, a seafood fair and endless eating they don't actually have time to work, rabble rousing comedian Marc Maron reports. Tell your broker to SELL.