Taylor Berman · 05/02/13 06:27PM

The New York Times is reporting Dzhokhar Tsarnaev told FBI interrogators that he and his brother initially considered carrying out suicide attacks on the Fourth of July. When the two finished building their bombs earlier than planned, they moved the attack up to Patriot's Day, according to a law enforcement official.

Kid Who Rapped About "Marathon Bombing" Now Faces Terrorism Charges

Camille Dodero · 05/02/13 11:29AM

That's Cameron D'Ambrosio in the photo above, flashing cash that, all told, probably totals $100. An 18-year-old pale goof from Methuen, Massachusetts, "Killa" Cam goes to the local public high school, plays videogames, and harbors rap dreams. His YouTube channel hosts two relatively recent videos of his musical exercises, one of which has "CammyDee" practicing lines about reefer, doubters ("chomping on you haters like an alligator"), and suburban ennui (he rhymes "Don't know what I'm doing" with "Living in Methuen").

Max Read · 05/01/13 01:35PM

According to the FBI affidavit (which you can read in full here), one of the suspects arrested today for obstruction of justice texted Dhokhar Tsarnaev when pictures of the Marathon bombing suspects were released. Tsarnaev's response: "lol."

Three Students Arrested on Marathon Bombing-Related Charges

Max Read · 05/01/13 10:11AM

Three additional suspects were arrested in the Boston Marathon bombing case today: Two Kazah students at UMass Dartmouth, charged with obstruction of justice for removing or destroying items from bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's dorm room, and an American citizen, charged with lying to investigators.

Max Read · 04/29/13 04:23PM

Officials have found female DNA on one of the two explosives used in the Boston Marathon bombing, though they don't know whose it is, or where it came from. Maybe Reddit can blow up a couple photos real big to find out?

Backpack With Message "USA Bomb" Left At Muslim Residence (UPDATED)

Camille Dodero · 04/29/13 01:36PM

Nimer Ead is a 55-year-old design engineer who resides in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. He also happens to be Muslim. This past Saturday, a neighbor noticed a strange backpack in the yard outside the three-family building where Ead shares a first-floor apartment with his family and called the police. State bomb investigators responded, discovering a black-and-tan backpack that had no explosives or dangerous contents, but included the ambiguously ominous phrase, "USA Bomb."

Ex-CIA Agent Denies Rumors of Ties to Ruslan Tsarnaev

Max Rivlin-Nadler · 04/27/13 02:45PM

Graham Fuller, a retired CIA officer whose daughter was briefly married to Ruslan Tsarnaev (Uncle Ruslan), has come out and flatly denied any CIA connection to the Tsarnaev's, calling the allegations “absurd.”

Taylor Berman · 04/25/13 09:32PM

The man carjacked by the Tsarnaev brothers last Thursday spoke to the Boston Globe about the ordeal and his daring escape: Danny thought about his burgeoning startup and about a girl he secretly liked in New York. “I think, ‘Oh my god, I have no chance to meet you again,’” he recalled.

The Boston Bombers Planned to Detonate More Explosives in Times Square

Cord Jefferson · 04/25/13 03:02PM

In a press conference this afternoon, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly revealed that the Boston bombers were on their way to detonate more explosives in Times Square before being confronted and stopped by Boston-area police.

#FreeJahar: When Conspiracy Theorists and One Direction Fans Collide

Max Read · 04/25/13 02:21PM

Up until last week, "One Direction Infection," a Tumblr blog created and maintained by an eighth grader we'll call Claire, looked like any other 14-year-old's Tumblr: a bright pink background, a default font that resembles cute handwriting, an embedded MP3 player playing Daddy Yankee and Jesse McCartney, and scores of photographs and animated GIFs of the members of One Direction, Britain's biggest boy band.

Taylor Berman · 04/24/13 10:48PM

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev reportedly confessed and explained to the FBI how he and his brother carried out last week's Boston bombings, but he did so in the 16 hours of questioning before he was read his Miranda rights. Tsarnaev stopped cooperating once those rights were read to him, according to officials.

Cord Jefferson · 04/24/13 04:53PM

U.S. officials tell the Washington Post that the CIA wanted one of the Boston bombing suspects' names added to a terrorist watch list more than a year before the attack.