The Easiest Places in New York to Get Cancer

Jeff Neumann · 05/11/10 05:28AM

Need help finding a neighborhood to live in? The state Department of Health yesterday introduced its new cancer map that lets you see how many people in each census block have cancer, and what types of hazardous materials are nearby.

The Great New York Oil Spill

Jeff Neumann · 05/10/10 04:37AM

The BP oil spill is spread across an estimated 2,500 square miles, and is dumping at least 200,000 gallons of crude into the Gulf of Mexico every day. What would that look like in New York?

This Map Will Save America

Pareene · 01/26/10 11:01AM

This is a very popular map right now among the wonky liberal bloggers of the grown-up end of the internet. It is designed to make the electoral college and the Senate more "democratic." Which defeats the point of those institutions!

The AP Layoffs, From Bismarck to Beijing

Hamilton Nolan · 11/19/09 12:10PM

We've been updating our AP Layoffs List for three days with tips about layoffs in AP bureaus around the world. Here, we've organized and mapped them for you. View the national and global media carnage, below.

The Recession Map of NoLIta: Updated

Brian Moylan · 10/22/09 01:54PM

In February, we noted the sad decline of the once-posh, boutique-strewn neighborhood of NoLIta, where Gawker HQ is located. We sent the interns back to the streets and have a new report: more sales, more closing, and only some redemption.

Al Franken's Stupid Political Junkie Trick

Gabriel Snyder · 09/08/09 10:40AM

Boing Boing came across this recent video of Franken drawing all 48 states (of the continental U.S., geography nerds) from memory at the Minnesota State Fair, and ever the paranoid types, wondered if Franken is faking it: "it would be easy to create indented trace-lines by using a pen with no cartridge in advance." Doubtful given how long and how often Franken's been doing this trick.

Union Square: Then and Now

cityfile · 09/03/09 11:06AM

The landscape of the city changes with each passing day as retail outlets come and go and older buildings are torn down to make way for new developments. But if you want to see what NYC looked like way back in the day, the Mannahatta Project has an interactive map that allows you to zoom in on any section of Manhattan—such as Union Square, left—and then travel back in time to see what the same area looked like in 1609.

The White-Collar Criminal Tour

cityfile · 06/24/09 02:09PM

You won't be checking out the Blue Collar Comedy Tour this summer. Can we interest you in the White-Collar Criminal Tour instead? Click on the image above for the locations of a handful of white-collar crooks currently behind bars. Then all you have to do is use Google's driving directions to plot out your fun, summer road trip! (You'll have to check with each prison about visitation privileges, of course.) As you can see, it's an incomplete list. Email us at and let us know who we're missing and we'll add them right away. [White-Collar Criminal Tour]

Magic Manhattan Maps

Hamilton Nolan · 05/05/09 03:59PM

This is technically called a "horizonless projection in Manhattan" but it's basically a crazy bendy map of everything from 34th street down. Cool. [Here&There. Click to enlarge]

Midtown NYC Is The Home of 'Buzz!'

Hamilton Nolan · 04/07/09 11:34AM

If there's anyone who grasps the secrets of cultural "buzz," it's Spatial Information experts employed in academia. There's a new "Geography of Buzz" map that scientifically proves that "buzz" is centered...where events are held.

FiDi, Greenpoint Could Really Use a Sitcom

cityfile · 03/18/09 09:37AM

This map of where famous sitcoms were set—on TV, that is, not in real life—isn't the most precise thing in the world. (We're going to assume the placement of Sex and the City on the Upper East Side is because Charlotte's character lived there?) But if you're a TV location scout and you're looking to showcase an NYC neighborhood that has yet to be ruined by round-the-clock shoots and national TV exposure, it should be a good place to start. [ via Lisanti]