Driver Distracted by Texting Crashes Convertible Into Manure

Neetzan Zimmerman · 08/22/13 12:45PM

Authorities in Wisconsin say a driver who was too busy texting to pay attention to the road ended up slamming his rented convertible into the back of a farm tractor hauling a trailer full of liquid manure.

Buy a 6-Foot-Tall Rick Perry Chia Pet

Maureen O'Connor · 09/28/11 05:27PM

For sale for $4500 on eBay: A six-foot terra cotta flower planter shaped like Rick Perry's head. A Texas fertilizer company created Governor Goodhair's chia pet alter-ego during the 2010 gubernatorial election. Cow Wow Liquid Compost also created a chia bust of Perry's opponent Bill White. They then held an "election" to see which "head of state" had better "hair."

This Man's Monday Was Crappier Than Yours

Adrian Chen · 09/27/10 10:16PM

A 28-year-old man spent an hour trapped on top of a bulldozer after it pitched into a 15-foot-deep manure pit while he was driving it. He should feel lucky: People would pay good money on Craigslist for this. (pic via)