Dispelling Common Vagina Myths

Hamilton Nolan · 01/07/13 03:40PM

Tampon manufacturer Kimberly-Clark has a new series of ads out in which veterans of periods (gals) explain all the wacky vagina myths they once believed. (These myths, they say, are untrue, though we cannot confirm this independently.) You may be shocked to learn that some of your most cherished opinions about your body are, in fact, as mythical as "Amelia Earhart" or "Sojourner Truth."

Ladies: Exercise Is More Important Than Your Hair

Hamilton Nolan · 12/18/12 04:00PM

Here now, a new study chronicled in the scientific journal The Daily Mail, which lays bare womankind's deepest, darkest, shiniest, most volumizing secret: some women are far more concerned about their hair than about their physique. Ladies. Ladies. You have it backwards.