British Police Plan a 'Fightback' as Three More Die in Riots

Adrian Chen · 08/10/11 10:36AM

On the fourth night of England's riots, 10,000 police flooded London streets and the city remained mostly calm. But the riots spread to other cities, leaving three men dead in Birmingham. British Prime Minister David Cameron promised a "fightback" to squelch unrest.

The Most Expensive Ball-Kicking in History

Hamilton Nolan · 02/10/11 09:18AM

This Saturday, Manchester City will play Manchester United, in soccer. Total combined cost that both teams paid for all their players: $850 million. Most expensive ballgame in history. And Manchester is not even a big (or attractive) city. [WSJ]

Oh Boy, I Did Not Need To See That E-Mail

Douglas Reinhardt · 08/06/08 05:30PM

Cinematic tough guy Clive Owen received some bad news via his Blackberry outside the London branch of celeb sushi spot Nobu on Tuesday night. Apparently, the die-hard Liverpool F.C. fan got the news that the club had lost a mid-fielder for the upcoming season. Owen said, "There must be a bunch of Manchester wankers in the Visa office. Maybe I should go over there and give those droogs a swift kick to the yarbles."