Professor Falls 70 Feet Into Himalayan Crevasse And Survives

Aleksander Chan · 05/23/14 03:15PM

Western Kentucky University professor John All fell 70 feet and into an icy crevasse while conducting climate research on Mount Himlung in the Himalayas. With a broken arm and ribs, it took him hours to climb out.

Jake Gyllenhaal Goes Shirtless on Man vs. Wild

Brian Moylan · 07/12/11 03:46PM

I heard that Hollywood manhunk Jake Gyllenhaal was going to join Bear Grylls on a frosty trek for the show Man Vs. Wild, I thought, "Great, he's never going to get shirtless in Iceland." Was I wrong!

Reality Show Lessons Save 14-Year-Old

Max Read · 01/03/11 08:55PM

Jake Denham, a 14-year-old kid from Portland, Ore., got separated from his mother while skiing in below-freezing temperatures on Mt. Bachelor. Luckily, Jake watches survival reality show Man Vs. Wild—and used his reality TV-derived knowledge to survive.

Dude vs. Wild: How to Survive Like a Dude

Emily Miethner · 06/15/10 02:49PM

Tummy aches, aliens, and hippos... just a few of the things this Dude faces in his fight against the unforgiving forces of the desert. Will he survive? Watch this parody of Man Vs. Wild to find out!

Bear Hijacks a Train on Last Night's Man Vs. Wild

Etan Berkowitz · 01/21/10 02:41PM

Bear Grylls has no trouble stomping on and over nature. Last night he ran into trouble when a rapidly moving train trapped him in a tunnel. He proceeds to climb train that nearly killed him and presumably hijacks it.