Thumb-Toe Replacement Surgery Not Exactly a Success

Max Read · 10/04/11 11:09PM

So, here is the kind of care you can expect if you are a migrant worker in China who cuts off his own thumb in an accident: The doctor will, over your objections, replace the missing thumb with one of your toes. Aaaaand... that's basically it. You say your foot hurts and your new thumb-toe is useless? No, sorry, that's actually not true: "Huiyang Bone-setting Hospital... insists that the thumb has recovered." We tend to agree with this commenter: "Strongly recommended that the doctor transplant his buttocks onto his head!" [ChinaSmack]

Dr. Jan Adams, Star Of Discovery Channel And Donda West's Death

seth · 11/13/07 12:50PM

We now have a name and a face to attach to the surgeon who performed the tummy tuck and breast reduction that would lead to Donda West's death: It was Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon Dr. Jan Adams, whose website says, "My work has never simply been about giving someone a new look. It's about providing an individual with a new path to self-discovery and self-esteem." Apparently it's also about getting as much TV coverage as possible, as he's made "countless appearances" on "Oprah and Entertainment Tonight, CNN, E!, NBC, ABC and the Discovery Networks," in addition to being one of the four panelists on The Other Half, aka Dick Clark's The View with Prostates. TMZ has been all over this guy today, turning up a long list of DUIs, malpractice suits, claims of botched boob jobs and that he lied about his credentials, and license suspension proceedings. They also report that Donda's surgery lasted 8 hours, or twice as long as usual for her procedure.