Security Guard Ignores Fight Instigator, Maces Some Black Guy Instead

Andy Cush · 08/14/14 12:40PM

At a rally against Israel's bombing of Gaza over the weekend in Seattle, a shirtless man allegedly harassed protesters, yelled, picked fights, and used words like "towelhead." When a security guard was called to the scene, however, he ignored this alleged instigator, macing and detaining a black bystander instead.

Mall Cops: Twihards Are Confusing

Eleni Crush · 06/04/10 02:37PM

The Mall Cops took on the greatest evil of our time: Twilight fans. Observe as one poor officer attempts to help some Twihards find their lost car in an orderly fashion, and is instead greeted with shrieks and incoherent rambling.

Mall Cops Enforce Only the Most Ridiculous Rules

Henry Baker · 05/28/10 12:47PM

TLC's Mall Cops premiered last night, a show which basically is an advertisement for how horribly boring the Mall of America is. If you venture a trip, keep in mind: no dancing, no trans-gender dress, and no "numchuks".