Do We Really Need Two Linda Lovelace Biopics?

Maureen O'Connor · 12/20/11 03:05PM

Why does Hollywood do everything in duplicate? After Lindsay Lohan dropped out of Linda Lovelace biopic Inferno, Amanda Seyfried announced she would be playing Lovelace. Shortly thereafter, Malin Akerman announced she would replace LiLo as Lovelace. Why are there so many mixed signals in the casting of this role, I wondered.

Jaime Pressly's Third Chance

Richard Lawson · 03/01/11 04:32PM

The blonde spitfire is getting another crack at the bat. Also today: more TV roles have been filled, from Hung to human computers, and Quentin might make a Western while Tim might make a Hunchback.

Katie Holmes' J. Crew Ads Are the Stuff of Rich White Fever Dreams

Maureen O'Connor · 08/20/10 01:46PM

The cast of Katie Holmes rom-com The Romantics did a J. Crew ad campaign, and the result is an aneurysm of creamy cupcakes, tasteful khaki, and fresh-faced youth. Katie even exorcises a few Tom Cruise-related demons. Let's take a look.

Katie Holmes' J. Crew Ads Are the Stuff of Rich White Fever Dreams - Gallery

Maureen O'Connor · 08/20/10 01:35PM

According to its trailer, The Romantics is about tasteful white people getting married in a scenic white people place. (Maine?) Quoth J. Crew's synergistic The Romantics advertainment: "Friendships and alliances are tested and the love triangle comes to a head the night before the wedding, when the drunken friends frolic in the nearby surf and return to shore… without the groom." That sounds… macabre. (And kind of interesting? I hate it when I accidentally like something I meant to hate.)