Get a Load of Amateur Night at This Male Strip Club

Rich Juzwiak · 12/01/14 02:18PM

Showtime aired the male-stripper documentary La Bare this weekend, and it was so douchey that I felt utterly cleansed inside after watching it. Actor Joe Manganiello came upon the Dallas strip club the film profiles and is named after while researching for his role of Big Dick Richie in Magic Mike. He was so inspired to document the happenings at the club—La Bare was initially intended to be a reality show, and boy does it feel like it. It is endearingly trashy. The only thing bigger than the personalities on screen are the packages.

Here's How Male Strippers Achieve and Maintain Their Stage Boners

Rich Juzwiak · 04/10/13 08:50AM

As part of its What? documentary series, last night Logo ran an hour-long exploration of the world of male strippers called, fittingly enough, I'm a Stripper. In this clip, a few of the bros (of varying douchiness) interviewed for the movie discuss what they do to achieve and maintain the erections they're expected to sport onstage. Hint: It involves porn, cockrings, possible chemicals and money — one dude needs not bandz to make him stand at attention, but a mere $10.