Everybody Misreads an AP Tweet, Responds by Getting Super-Pissed at AP

Adam Weinstein · 07/23/14 09:50AM

The Associated Press Twitter account is a must-follow for breaking-news junkies. It's also a great guide to the many ways you can fuck up breaking news. Like when it reported the status this morning of an aircraft carrying the bodies of MH17 victims back to Holland:

Did Russian Officials Edit Wikipedia to Back Up a Bogus MH17 Theory?

Adam Weinstein · 07/22/14 01:57PM

Russian defense officials Monday argued that a Ukrainian warplane was near Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 and may have been responsible for the commercial jet's deadly shootdown. And when the physics seemed to dispute that theory, Russian officials appear to have changed the physics—on Wikipedia, at least.

Separatists in Ukraine Turn Over MH17 Black Boxes, Bodies

Aleksander Chan · 07/21/14 08:18PM

Pro-Russian separatists that had taken over the crash site of Malaysia Airlines flight MH 17 in eastern Ukraine have turned over the plane's recording boxes, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak announced Monday. The militants have also reportedly sent the bodies recovered from the site on trains to Kharkiv, a city controlled by the Ukrainian government, where six Malaysian representatives were on hand to oversee the transfer of the bodies to Dutch authorities, among others.

Dutch Officials Manage to Inspect Some Bodies at MH17 Crash Site

Allie Jones · 07/21/14 08:35AM

Armed, pro-Russian rebels continued to block access to the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash site in eastern Ukraine over the weekend, but the BBC reports that three Dutch investigators were able to inspect bodies found at the site today. Their findings haven't been released, but they said the rebel-controlled train holding the bodies may soon leave the rebel-held town of Torez.

U.S.: Russia Responsible for Downing of Malaysia Airlines Plane

Aleksander Chan · 07/20/14 10:35PM

Secretary of State John Kerry made the Sunday morning news show rounds to outline the United States' case—citing American and Ukrainian intelligence reports and social media that "obviously points a very clear finger at the [pro-Russian] separatists"—that Russia was responsible for the attack that brought down Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, killing 298 people.

Audio Links Controversial Pro-Russian Cossack Leader to MH17 Attack

Adam Weinstein · 07/18/14 12:50PM

"There are a lot of corpses of women and children," the rebel commander said. "It has a Malaysia Airlines logo on it, they say." He seemed to seek advice. "That means it was carrying spies," came the response. "[Expletive] them, got it?" So spoke one of the most influential and well-connected Cossacks in Russia.

Everything We Know About the Malaysia Airlines Crash

Aleksander Chan · 07/17/14 05:47PM

Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down over eastern Ukraine today—the plane's 283 passengers and 15 crew members are all presumed dead. The White House confirmed this afternoon that the Boeing 777 flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was shot down by an antiaircraft missile, though it continues to be disputed who might be responsible.