Aleksander Chan · 07/28/14 11:27PM

Hundreds of Bangladeshi Muslims pray on the first day of Eid al-Fitr in Kuala Lumpur, Monday. The three-day holiday marks the end of the fasting month of Ramadan. Photo by Lai Seng Sin via AP.

Aleksander Chan · 06/17/14 08:53PM

The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency has reported that a boat carrying 97 people from Indonesia sank off the coast of western Malaysia. 61 people, including women and children, are still missing. Reuters is reporting that the passengers on the boat are suspected to have been trying to enter Malaysia illegally.

Obama Makes Landmark Trip to Malaysia

Kelly Conaboy · 04/26/14 08:10AM

President Barack Obama arrived in Malaysia today for economic and security talks with Prime Minister Najib Razak. He is the first US president to visit the country since Lyndon B. Johnson in 1966.

Sarah Hedgecock · 03/31/14 01:05PM

A volunteer from an NGO called Malaysians For Malaysia gets ready to release balloons as a symbol of remembrance for the victims of flight MH370 at Titiwangsa Lake on Sunday in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Image via Rahman Roslan/Getty.

Is Your Favorite 'Journalist' on the Malaysian Government's Payroll? Maybe

Cord Jefferson · 03/01/13 05:42PM

BuzzFeed's Rosie Gray today drops news that a number of people writing for a whole host of websites across the political spectrum were doing so on behalf of the Malaysian government. And for their work they were paid handsomely. In other words, they were secretly pawning off talking points from the Malaysian government as their own in exchange for money. This is how some journalists get paid now.

Dude, Your Wife Was Not Raped By an 'Invisible Man'

Max Read · 09/28/11 06:31PM

Hello, unidentified Malaysian dude who lives in Bintulu, Sarawak! We read with interest the news that you had contacted police, hoping they'd arrest the "invisible man" who was—according to a medium—"us[ing] black magic to take away [your] wife's 'soul' and rape her."

Shirley the Smoking Orangutan Is Forced to Quit

Brian Moylan · 09/12/11 03:00PM

Malaysian officials confiscated Shirley, an orangutan at one of the state-run zoos, because apparently her cigarette smoking had gotten out of hand. The authorities removed her because they said smoking isn't natural for monkey-like creatures Did they at least give her some Nicorette or a patch or something?

Sexy New Obedient Wives Club Not a Hit With Everyone

Lauri Apple · 06/05/11 01:49PM

Ladies, listen up! By learning how to serve your husbands "better than a first-class prostitute" can, you can help end human trafficking and domestic violence. So say leaders of the Obedient Wives Club, a new activities group whose sex lessons curb social ills and also please God.

How Much Meth Can a Pair of Nikes Hold?

Jeff Neumann · 04/27/11 05:19AM

Ever wondered how much meth you can squeeze into your sneakers? Between 800 grams and a kilo per pair, that's how much, apparently. Ten people from a Malaysian "tour group" were caught at the Auckland Airport in New Zealand yesterday, each with roughly the same amount of meth in their shoes totaling just over $8 million (USD). Customs agents were tipped off because the smugglers carried "itineraries that were in English but (they) couldn't speak English."

Where to Spend Valentine's Day if You're Single

Max Read · 02/10/11 03:52AM

Single on Valentine's Day? Instead of complaining loudly and publicly or going to some kind of stupid themed singles event, you should take a trip to Malaysia or Russia, where religious authorities are attempting to crack down on the decadent Western celebration of couples being gross with each other.

The Mystery of the 700,000 Missing Condoms

Max Read · 02/09/11 12:34AM

Has anyone seen 700,000 ultrathin Japanese condoms? Malaysian police are looking for them. The condoms, manufactured by the Sagami Rubber Corporation, were loaded onto a container in Malaysia last week, but never arrived in Japan (the container did arrive, empty, with its locks changed). Rest assured, no expense is being spared: