Lacey Donohue · 11/20/13 08:15PM

Homeless veteran Jim Wolf, star of the timelapse makeover viral hit, was arrested on Sunday at a Burger King in Grand Rapids, Mich. Wolf pled guilty to charges of trespassing and creating a disturbance. He will serve 20 days in jail.

Hooters is Getting a Facelift

Robert Kessler · 01/20/13 11:07AM

Hooters — the restaurant you totally go to "just for the wings" — is getting a new look. Its location in Kirby, Texas has just unveiled a new redesign that will serve as a "prototype for future Hooters locations."

When Exquisitely Sad Songwriters Get Reality TV Makeovers

John Cook · 09/11/12 01:54PM

Songwriter Mark Eitzel, former frontman of American Music Club and inveterate chronicler of national despair, has a new (and probably really sad and great!) record coming out next month. So his money-mad label, Merge Records, is trotting him out to consult with various "image experts" to "sell" him to the "kids" on the "street." Here he is (in a GAWKER WORLD EXCLUSIVE) getting advice from Nadya Ginsburg, a comedian and writer for Joan Rivers' Fashion Police. Upshot: "That's not gonna play at Starbucks."

Carrot Top Gets A Blowout

Seth Abramovitch · 04/19/11 12:26AM

Las Vegas magazine was reading your mind when you thought, "That Carrot Top. A handsome face hiding behind a mop of unruly hair." Well, feast your eyes on this! Christina Hendricks and Julianne Moore, eat your hearts out. [LV Sun]

How on Earth Are We Going to Fix Donald Trump's Hair?

Brian Moylan · 03/30/11 02:18PM

Reality TV blowhard, presumptive presidential candidate, and personal brand run rampant Donald Trump has been offered a makeover for his infamously surreal hairstyle. We're sure he gets these offers all the time, but this one was made by Oprah Winfrey. It's good as done.

Did Obama Dye His Hair?

Adrian Chen · 01/21/11 12:17AM

Obama looked damn good at last night's State Dinner for Chinese president Hu Jintao. Maybe a little too good. His salt-and-pepper locks seemed noticeably darker. Did Barack Obama get a quickie dye job?

Check Out the Fancy Oval Office Makeover!

Jim Newell · 08/31/10 11:40AM

Contractors were hard at work making over the Oval Office while the Obamas vacationed in Martha's Vineyard, installing a new rug, wallpaper, chairs, sofas, and tables. More photos of the hot new redesign, below.

Tyra's Team Ambushes Poorly-Dressed Passers-by

Elaine Moran · 03/30/10 04:18PM

Today's Tyra might as well have been called "A Mash Up of TyTy's Most Awesomest and Benevolent Makeovers," but one segment stood out as nothing short of amazing—where Whitney put the hurt on some fools for looking wack.

Don't Go Making Snooki Over

Brian Moylan · 02/03/10 02:14PM

Fame has come for Snooki, and like any unconventional looking woman who's landed in the spotlight, someone feels the need to make over her image into one of bland conformity. This time it's Inside Edition and the results are frightening.

Jann Wenner Escapes New York To Play With Cows And Babies Upstate

Maggie · 02/04/08 11:42AM

Aw, Jann Wenner's all growed up and seemingly responsible and stuff! The Rolling Stone publisher magnate wrapped up a deal in December to purchase a Hudson river estate in Tivoli, NY. At the moment, Wenner's on paternity leave while he and his partner adjust to the arrival of their baby twins via surrogate. We're picturing Baby Boom-inspired scenes of Wenner skittering across the frozen tundra to make his burping shift, and the image pleases us immensely. But with this new upstate-refuge-plus-suckling-infants makeover Wenner's got going on, wherever will we go for our dose of raging grandiose megalomaniacal assholery? Oh, erm. For a second we forgot where we lived. Never mind, Jann, nest away. You know, until you think people have forgotten about you, when we're sure you'll execute a perfectly graceful re-entry into Manhattan's orbit.