Hoes Before Bros: The Make Me a Supermodel Finale

Richard Lawson · 04/04/08 11:28AM

Last night's finale of Make Me a Supermodel brought tears, joy, sadness, and an odd sense of... justice? Yes indeedy. For the duration of the Bravo competition series, the boys have dominated, not because they were better models per se, but because the show's viewer and voting base is (I'm assuming) largely made up of women and gays. It seemed like a foregone conclusion that a dude would win, most likely spunky gay Chicagoan Ronnie. Sexy but bratty prison guard Ben was also a possibility, but it definitely would not be that thing with a bagina, Holly. But! Before we get to the ending, let's go to the middle.

Naomi Campbell Strikes Again, This Time Directing Her Much-Used Claws Towards A Police Officer

Molly Friedman · 04/03/08 02:50PM

We'd like to have a word with Naomi Campbell's anger management instructor, because apparently those classes she was forced to take after that infamous cell phone toss last year didn't do much good at all. According to People, Campbell was arrested earlier today for assaulting a police officer at London's Heathrow Airport, and while it's cute that they reference the fact that "travelers' frustrations have flared due to baggage delays" since the new Terminal 5 was constructed, we can't help but feel as though Campbell is officially out of excuses for attacking the innocent. Though throwing her cell phone at an assistant last year was certainly a step down on the crazy level from her 2000 incident attacking a PA on set, moving up to police assault moves Campbell out of the sanitation club with fellow alumnus Boy George, and into handcuffs territory. But what happened to the sweet, good-natured Naomi we witnessed on Bravo's guilty pleasure Make Me A Supermodel a few episodes ago?

How To Be a "Good Gay"

Richard Lawson · 03/28/08 02:49PM

On the Make Me a Supermodel reunion last night, beloved non-couple Ronnie and Ben (apparently they're called "Bronnie?" I refuse to accept this) were interrogated about their "will they or won't they, oh they're totally not going to" relationship, to the squiggly embarrassment of the show's two viewers (me and roommate Rose). Yes, gay Ronnie did have a crush on straight prison guard (and increasingly petulant asshole) Ben, but it faded away very quickly. He falls in love all the time! With boys on the street, with ski bunnies, with anyone! According to reunion host (and gay Bravo TV exec) Andy Cohen, this wandering eye, puppy love stuff makes giddy little Ronnie "a good gay." Ugh. Maybe true! But, ugh. A video excerpt of the awkward, squirmy reunion after the jump (watch the first minute and a half or so for the Bronnie stuff). Oh! Also a fun bonus video.

Oh My!

Richard Lawson · 02/04/08 04:33PM

How gay is our new favorite competition show Make Me a Supermodel? Here are some photos of some of the boys (1 gay, 2 "straight") playing around with a banana. Sadly, the prison guard was not included. [AfterElton]

'Make Me A Supermodel' Now Basically The Reality TV Version Of Pervy Coco Screen Test Scene From 'Fame'

Seth Abramovitch · 02/01/08 07:56PM

We've already admitted to you our growing fascination with thinly veiled child-sex-trafficking game show Make Me A Supermodel. (Small side note: Has the term "supermodel" lost all currency? Is it now the fashion world equivalent of the term "porn star," with any XXX-come-lately to successfully wrap a dp scene instantly elevating themselves to the level of a Courtney Cummz or Naomi St. Clair? But we digress.) Forced to up the naked ante from last week's naughty boudoir challenge, producers dispensed with all manner of propriety, and had the remaining contestants strip bare for a drawing class.

Supermodels In Lurve

Richard Lawson · 02/01/08 12:11PM

Bravo's newest competition show, Make Me a Supermodel, has been strangely intriguing since its premiere a month ago. Most of the credit is owed to the delightfully awkward and (hopefully!) budding relationship between Ben, the 22-year-old prison guard from Tennessee with the sad, pondering eyes and Ronnie, the out loud and proud "spunky!" blond guy from Chicago. Ben is married to a woman back home, but that hasn't stopped Ronnie from making many an overture about his love for the deputy sheriff. Ben doesn't exactly fend off his roommate's advances. They've already been shown snuggling (with the recently ousted girl-model Aryn) and sort-of kissing. Click the thumb for a clip from last night's episode, where they bond and share and continue to tumble into love. These are the joys of living vicariously, friends. Swoon!/Barf.