Dear Haters, Journalist Josh Wolf Hopes You Don't Get "Indigestion After Eating Your Words"

Moe · 08/20/08 11:40AM

Josh Wolf is a blogger who spent 226 days in jail for refusing to hand over his footage of a San Francisco anarchist protest in which a police officer was injured. That's because not handing over evidence like that is contempt of court, which we know thanks to the case of Judith Miller and that glamorous spy lady. But at the time Josh did not get as much credit from the "mainstream media" because he was just a blogger, and also possibly someone who hangs out with anarchists, and with the exception of Mumia Abu Jamal journalists generally try to avoid anarchists. Anyhow, Josh is now a free man, and get this…part of the mainstream media! Which is to say, he is a Real Mainsteam Journalists. And he has a message for his critics, according to the San Francisco Chronicle: "If the haters who said I wasn't a real journalist, are still lurking, I hope you don't have too much indigestion after eating your words." Ha ha yeah, Corrections. We'll let you grab a Nexium before we share the details of his important new gig.He is a cub reporter for the Palo Alto Daily Post. (We'd link, but it doesn't maintain a website!)

Do Heather Havrilesky & David Brooks Regret The Errors?

Choire · 12/26/07 09:42AM

I'm no cheerleader for this here website—after all, I quit! Monday is my last day! Even so, I can't help but be irritated when Real Media Outlets write total lies about Gawker—because it's just bad journalism. Why, they're worse than bloggers!