Andy Rooney Hates Fans, Fan Mail

Matt Cherette · 10/17/10 07:28PM

On this week's edition of, "Andy Rooney Talks About Things That He Hates," we have this: Rooney goes through fan mail, and then criticizes the people who wrote him letters! He also says that he will never shave his eyebrows.

In Case of Rapture, Defamer's Inbox Will Be Empty

STV · 12/04/08 08:53PM

We get a lot of mail every day at Defamer HQ, some utterly essential, some a little more on the expendable side. But on a day packed with layoffs, Grammy Hell, Hamlin/Rinna reality shows, Paris Hilton's slimy bologna, remake overload, pseudo Doomsday Babies and strip-joint fires, it seems natural — and more than a little spooky — that the Defamer mailbag tested positive for unusually high levels of armageddon. After the jump, join us in winding down Apocalypse Watch '08 with a run through the apocalyptic subject lines that were, and in mourning the vibrant pop culture that was.

From the Mailbag

Richard Lawson · 04/07/08 01:50PM

Someone really liked that nude Alex McCord photo: "Hello. Can you tell me if their are more photos of Alex McCord nude and also how did you find them? Thanks."

From the Mailbag

Richard Lawson · 02/28/08 12:14PM

"I worked at Oxygen and I can guarentee that SueJo is a lesbadoodle. She was going to come out on Letterman when she was there during National Coming Out date, but didn't." In reference to this, we assume.

Maggie · 12/10/07 02:40PM

A New York City postal carrier has been arrested for stealing greeting cards in order to get at the cash inside; more than 130 were found in his car. Michael Olivio was caught red-handed by an elaborate scheme set up by U.S. Postal Inspection special agents, which involved decoy cards and a transmitter. Hey, working at a post office is super boring, what do you want? Olivio's been at it since February, so if you live in Brooklyn and are missing that $5 from your great-aunt Bessie, it's probably because you didn't tip your mailman enough last year—live and learn, people. [AP]

Jodi Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Jesse · 08/25/05 04:53PM

Arts-organization publicists around New York City who have continued to address their mailed press releases to once-but-no-more Times Arts editor Jodi Kantor have been receiving this form letter in reply: