The New Faces of the Cipriani Family

cityfile · 05/26/09 01:34PM

It's been more than six months since Giuseppe Cipriani has stepped foot in the United States, either because he's "exploring new business ventures" in places like Turkey and Dubai, or because he's convinced he faces serious legal trouble if he returns to NYC, depending on which side of the story you choose to believe. But his fading collection of eateries hasn't been neglected, you'll be pleased to hear. Sons Maggio and Ignazio have stepped in to fill Giuseppe's shiny Gucci loafers!

Meet Maggio, Our Favorite Member of the Cipriani Clan

cityfile · 01/22/09 10:22AM

We've heard plenty about Giuseppe Cipriani and all of his tax problems, liquor license issues, credit difficulties, and messy legal disputes. We've even heard about Giuseppe's 20-year-old son Ignazio, who was arrested last month for clocking a bouncer outside 1Oak. Allow us to turn your attention to the youngest—and most adorable—member of the Cipriani family, Maggio. The 18-year-old graduated high school (Dwight) last year and is now employed by dad. But he's having a pretty good time when he's not working, as you can see from the photos after the jump.