Max Read · 09/14/12 12:10PM

Kate Middleton and Prince William are suing Closer, the French magazine that published topless photos of Middleton.

Will Katie Couric Kill General Hospital?

Hamilton Nolan · 05/05/11 02:00PM

In your pokey Thursday media column: the latest Katie Couric rumors, The Daily's quite unprofitable, MTV's CEO resigns, more Bill Keller columnizing, and some WaPo departures.

Child Is Envy of White House Press Corps

Hamilton Nolan · 08/20/09 01:08PM

In your desperate Thursday media column: America's toddler journalist has a lesson for Wolf Blitzer, college football wants to muzzle bloggers, newspapers burn, and ESPN magazine is mad cheap!

RadarOnline Redesign Would Have Been Just Like Us

Alex Carnevale · 10/25/08 08:30AM

Terminated Radar employee David Cho posted a glimpse of what direction would have gone if it wasn't about to be taken over by former National Enquirer editor David Perel. Hopefully this will get Mitch Albom started on his next book project, The Five Blog Layouts You Meet In Heaven, although we can't help feeling the full version looks sort of familiar...

Paul Newman's Final Donation Goes To People

Hamilton Nolan · 10/08/08 09:53AM

People is coming out with a 96-page "tribute" "book" "honoring" the recently dead Paul Newman. It will sell for $12, and none of the proceeds will go to charity, despite the fact that Newman dedicated the latter part of his life to working for charitable causes. But, to use the line that Jossip unfortunately beat us to this morning, it's "sort of okay, because this year, the print industry basically is a charity." Yep. [Folio]

Playboy's Blog-Girls of Summer

Sheila · 07/10/08 12:45PM

Round up the usual suspects! has decided on the hottest female bloggers. Boing Boing co-editor Xeni Jardin and her ex-lover, sexblogger (and Fleshbot contributor) Violet Blue, are both on the list. (All posts referencing Blue were recently deleted by Jardin from Boing Boing—awkward!) Oh, wait, it's a poll, and the winner will be asked to pose for (Nude? They didn't say.) So far, videoblogger Brigitte Dale is in the lead with 27% of the vote, while Rocketboom and Sometimes Daily's Amanda Congdon has only 5%. The rest of the bloggers named after the jump.

Girl-On-Girl Magazine Covers: Shameless, Popular As Ever

Hamilton Nolan · 06/19/08 04:34PM

The new issue of W is a fine example of a shameless girl-on-girl magazine cover: to this day, one of the surest ways to guarantee sales on the news stand, regardless how vapid the interior editorial content may be. Whether you loathe it (exploitation!) or love it (exploitation is hot!), it's a design trope almost as common as the between-the-legs A-frame photo. Below, five more famous examples from the recent past. The only way to fight the enemy is to know the enemy.

Ziff Davis Needs To Make Some Money Online, Quick

Hamilton Nolan · 03/06/08 10:53AM

Ziff Davis Media, the publisher of PC Magazine and other tech magazines and websites, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy late yesterday. Its revenue from print has nosedived since the end of the tech boom, and it hasn't been able to make up for it yet online—like most other publishers. "We feel like we're in a position poised for wonderful growth," said ZD CEO Jason Young, being disingenuous to a heroic degree. "We just need to solve this issue." The issue being your whole business! Some perspective: Print revenue for ZD fell from $215 million in 2001 to $40 million in 07. Now they owe creditors about $200 million more than they have. In PR terms this known as a "restructuring." In real terms, a long and painful death. [AP, Paid Content]

Another Useless Magazine Party

Joshua Stein · 09/28/07 01:30PM

Me: What did you do last night, Nikola Tamindzic?
Nikola: Went to another Useless magazine party at soon-to-close Passerby.
Me: Another magazine?
Nikola: No, another magazine.
Me: What magazine?
Nikola: Useless magazine.
Me: I know that. They're all useless.
Nikola: Don't be a tool. I took pictures of the Highlights including some guy spewing fish guts.
Me: Oooo, was that Goofus or Gallant?
Nikola: [shaking head] Useless.