Heroic/Insane Cop Jumps in the Path of an Oncoming Train to Rescue Fainting Woman

Max Read · 01/22/13 10:39AM

We recently suggested that the best thing to do if you fall onto subway tracks is to run away. But let's say you fall, unconscious, onto those tracks, as this woman did in Madrid earlier this week — well, your only hope is that an off-duty policeman is brave enough to leap into the path of an oncoming train and drag you to safety. As this officer, Ruben, did. (Ruben, by the way, is a good person to have around — last year he saved a four-year-old from drowning in a lake.) [Telemadrid]

This Place Is a Dump!

Brian Moylan · 01/20/11 06:45PM

[One of the suites at the new Beach Garbage Hotel in Madrid, Spain, which was made entirely out of trash and constructed to draw attention to pollution in the world's oceans. A picture of the hotel's exterior below.]

Watch a Cop Rescue a Man from an Oncoming Train

Matt Cherette · 12/06/10 12:39PM

What do you do if you see a man fall onto some tracks moments before a speeding train passes them by? If you're this rookie cop in Madrid, you jump down from the platform and pull him away! Watch inside.

Behold: Adorable Newborn Panda Twins

Maureen O'Connor · 10/07/10 06:05PM

The Madrid Zoo unveiled a pair of one-month-old panda twins today. They're of unknown gender (apparently it takes awhile to figure that out) and are the first panda twins created by artificial insemination ever to be born outside of Asia.

Holidazed and Confused

Brian Moylan · 12/17/09 06:18PM

[This look inside a Christmas tree made of lights in Madrid, Spain, is giving us some serious flashbacks, man. Image via Getty]