The Smellgood, Feelgood, Mostly Goodgood Boys Come to New York City

Dayna Evans · 03/02/15 02:08PM

On Wednesday night, 17,000 people flooded into Madison Square Garden. There were countless Rangers jerseys, scores of Strong Island's finest haircuts, innumerable pairs of Uggs, two tattooed Southern boys with megawatt charm, a magician, and me. Screens around the rim of the Garden projected images of a green card table while Justin, the first magician I'd ever seen wear a bicep-hugging t-shirt, flipped cards to the melody of a Katy Perry song.

Gay Couple Violently Attacked by Knicks Fans in Broad Daylight

Maggie Lange · 05/07/13 04:36PM

A New York couple reported that they were the victims of a hate crime Sunday afternoon, when they were assaulted in Madison Square Garden by a group of attackers dressed in Knicks gear. Nick Porto and his partner Kevin Atkins were reportedly walking arm-in-arm on Eighth Avenue by 34th Street around 5 P.M. when they were allegedly surrounded by four men and physically and verbally assaulted.

Kanye West Wore a Skirt Last Night and Everybody Freaked Out

Rich Juzwiak · 12/13/12 08:45AM

At last night's 12-12-12 benefit show at Madison Square Garden, Kanye West paced around a dark, empty stage, cranking out a 20-minute medley of recent and past hits (from "Clique" to "Gold Digger"). But what made a bigger impression than his stamina was the leather skirt and leggings combo he wore onstage. The hubbub was stupid for at least two reasons:

Madison Square Garden Company Strong-Arms Employees Into Using Vacation Days Post-Sandy

Cord Jefferson · 11/01/12 02:35PM

Madison Square Garden is a name so synonymous with New York City greatness and success that artists and athletes who perform there have a tendency to call it "the main stage of the world" and "a mecca." So how does Madison Square Garden treat its New York City employees, who have helped sustain its grandness, when they're down and out? By demanding they get back to work, of course.

Lady Gaga Tearfully Admits She Is Still a 'Loser'

Brian Moylan · 04/25/11 02:42PM

In a new promo for her May 7th concert movie on HBO, Lady Gaga is seen talking backstage before her gig at Madison Square Garden. She's crying and talking about how she still feels like a loser thanks to the high school bullies who tormented her. Aww.

Sexy Fan Kicks Usher in the Face Mid-Song

Maureen O'Connor · 12/15/10 12:02PM

Usher brings a fan onstage to serenade her. Sexily, he takes her into his arms. Reclining, she grinds against him, then lifts her leg and flicks her foot over his head, stripper-style—only to kick him in the face.

Imaginary Player

Max Read · 09/14/10 02:48AM

[Rapper Jay-Z, trying to figure out how much money he's making from his concerts with Eminem, at Yankee Stadium in New York City on Monday night. Pic via AP.]