In Which We Fill in the 'Times' Mad-Lib

Pareene · 08/15/08 05:16PM

Today, the Times printed one of those "op-art" things they do sometimes. This one was in the form of a "mad-lib," those "fill-in-the-blanks with a specific part of speech" things the kids are so into these days. As everyone besides possibly the Times knows, Mad-Libs are only fun for terribly immature kids, as they present an excuse to fill them with swears. Which we did, today, while we were supposed to be working! Click through and wonder what the hell the Times was thinking.

And Now All The Bloggers Hate Joel Stein

Maggie · 11/05/07 05:47PM

On Friday, the Los Angeles Times fussbudget columnist Joel Stein announced that he's "horribly jealous" of conservative pain-in-the-ass Ann Coulter—"After all these years of Coultering, people still get riled up over her obvious attempts to make us mad," writes Joel, obviously pissed off that his own attempts to piss people off haven't delivered to him an iconic reputation such as the one Coulter has, for better or worse. He tests his theory that anything she might say would tick people off like so: "I developed the Ann Coulter Mad Libs™." Now, because someone already did it a month ago, bloggers are calling for his head over the column. We don't know enough to judge—but anything that might prevent Joel from writing is fine in our book!